Gender And Sex : The State Of Being Male Or Female Essay

Gender And Sex : The State Of Being Male Or Female Essay

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Gender and sex are typically used by most people interchangeably, they are generally thought to be the same. If you are a male that is your sex as well as your gender, even though that is what most people believe it is not the case. It is understandable though for people to believe these two things are the same, if you were to look up the definitions in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary this is what you would find for gender: “the state of being male or female” and this is what you would find for sex: “the state of being male or female” and “physical activity in which people touch each other 's bodies, kiss each other, etc. : physical activity that is related to and often includes sexual intercourse”. It is now very clear why people would believe these are the same, they are not very similar in definition they are exactly the same, the only distinguishable difference is that sex is also used to refer to sexual intercourse but otherwise the definitions are word for word the same and this is how they are typically introduced to people.
Having two different words with the same definition like that in a dictionary can become problematic especially when neither of these terms are truly properly defined. Robyn Ryle states that these words are commonly defined by social scientists as following: “Sex describes the biological differences between people we call males and people we call females; gender is the social meanings that are layered onto those differences” (6). When you look at the two terms this way we can clearly see that these words are related as they are similar but they in fact do not mean the same thing. As Ryle puts it very clearly sex is biological and gender is social. To understand better the Merriam-Webster definitions we ...

... middle of paper ... exist, they are built out of ideas that really just do not exist in our world anymore and we have to stop pretending that they do. All of the issues that people who are biologically different from a male or female stem from the social stigmas we assign these sexes but we live in a world where these ideas do not exist but the issues still do.
Sex is biological and gender is social. There should be as many sexes as there need to be to accommodate for every person who is not traditionally male or female. For there to not be any issues amongst the variations of sexes we, as a society, need to abandon the idea of gender and what a male or female should be because those stereotypes no longer exist and only create more issues than actually have any sort of practical use. We live in a world that is more than just male and female and we should embrace it not disgrace it.

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