Gender And Sex Are Socially Constructed Essay

Gender And Sex Are Socially Constructed Essay

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Throughout Gendered World sociologist argue that gender and sex are socially constructed instead of being innate. The authors present evidence in regards to history, biology, and contemporary viewpoints using day-to-day examples. Although alternative viewpoints may argue that through a biological perspectives gender and sex is an innate characteristic through deeper examination it can be determined that gender and sex are truly socially constructed.

First of all, what are sex and gender? Sex is described as the interaction between genes, hormones, behavior, and the environment. The adjectives female, male, or intersex are used when referring to sex. Gender is the social status, legal designation, and personal identity. The divisions in gender are due mainly to the expectations of social institutions. The adjectives women and men, boys and girls, are used when addressing gender. Alternative perspective may argue that there is a definite difference between males and females, which may prove that these categories are not socially constructed, but rather innate. However, all around the world, the definition of sex and gender is different. The binary system and the standard story ignore the numerous people who do not fit perfectly into this flawed system.

The standard story shapes the way that some societies choose to view sex and gender and the way these two aspects interact. The standard story line would consist of a child born with a male body who would grow up to be a man and this man was attracted to women. This is also called the heterosexual matrix by Judith Butler (Aulette, Wittner, p. 20). This story assumes a variety of factors, such as, the social behavior of gender, a sexual choice is due to nature (biology), that the...

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... which views gender as a fixed biological or psychological trait that does not vary among individuals over time. However, a female might starts adopting behaviors that are considered manly, such as, having short hair, walking with hands in the pockets, to avoid the harassment she might encounter on the streets. This female would be doing gender according to interactionist. Gender is a performance of the way which society believes a specific sex should act. Individuals do gender every day from their beliefs and society’s beliefs about how males and females should behave doing gender increases the social construction of gender by growing up with gender expectations, gender roles a genders practice. Intersections with other individuals and within institutions also increase the assumptions of how genders would behave, the construction of gender is a multilevel process.

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Gender And Sex Are Socially Constructed Essay

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