Gender And Place : Women And Feminism Essay

Gender And Place : Women And Feminism Essay

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Gender and the environment don’t sound like two things that would be well together. Surprisingly they do very well, starting with the article, “Gender and Place: Women and Environmentalism” written by Gottlieb we find out that it took women years for them to be recognized as main workers in the work place as well as major forces who fought for the environment. An example would be Cora Tucker, a huge activist who unfortunately found out, “…that environmental issues were white issues.” (Gottlieb 276). This is extremely wrong because every race has a voice about the environment. She goes on to saying that those in power who try to change small communities have no business doing it themselves because they have no idea what the people are going through in that town. Rather, they should appoint members of the town to aid in dealing with the issues. This ensures all issues be presented and addressed correctly in accordance to the views of those living through the issue. It is fascinating how involved women were with community-based movements against toxins. It is explained that they are because they are the ones staying at home with their children so of course they want nothing to do with toxins near their children. Women were also great at promoting change because they knew what to ask and how to ask the questions. This proved beneficial in promoting radical changes across the U.S.
Most men were unpleased with women’s involvement because this meant a number of things; one, the women would be spending more time outside their homes and away from their husbands and children which meant the husbands would have to work around the home and help with the children. Second, when the talk of nature arose this brought great arguments because the ...

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...women need to be involved in environmental issues as well as in their community. When disaster hits the focus should not be on men’s involvement, it should be on quickly solving the issues and steps after wards to make sure if it does happen again they will know what to do. Educating women creates a beautiful world where everyone is equal and this enables multiple viewpoints on a variety of issues. Their Gender Global Office is all over the world and addresses gender equality issues. Using a variety of tools and global forums the GGO has developed a number of gender action plans. When poor countries get hit with natural disasters women get the most affected due to their lack of education and quick adaptation, health conditions, and much more. Including women in a number of environmental issues creates a broader horizon for them, prepares them for disasters, generates

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