Gender And Origin Of Gendered Behaviors Essay

Gender And Origin Of Gendered Behaviors Essay

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Reflection Paper #1- Gender, theoretically speaking
There are numerous theories for which we use to illustrate the nature and origin of gendered behaviors; these theories assist in the comprehension of gender in a practical light. With varying cultural views and categories of identity, theory allows us to explore all the approaches to understanding gender, gender identity, and how this affects our development.
Among the numerous theories emerges the critical theories of gender, which analyzes how a specific group prioritizes their perspectives of gender while simultaneously attempting to advance dominant dogma. A subcategory of the critical theory, the queer performative theory, assesses the traditional divisions of normal and abnormal in relation to sexuality. This theory suggests that individuals create their gender identities through expression and that these identities are not fixed. The queer performative theory touches upon the staggering of gender expression based upon a particular juncture or context within an individual 's life versus another particular juncture or context of that same individual 's life.
A friend of mine, for anonymity purposes we will call him Greg, is by sex defined as a male. Greg is an outgoing, whimsical, and sassy person. He enjoys music, skateboarding, and a few other activities that one would "normally" associate as masculine. Greg also enjoys fashion, makeup and painting his nails in vibrant colors; although he is a male, Greg carries himself to what society defines as feminine behavior. He will dress in tights, ritualistically apply makeup every morning, and get his nails painted at least once a week. Dominant belief says that this is inappropriate for Greg and that he is a male so he shoul...

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...r DNA, however it currently remains as an objective matter of preference. If gender identity and sexuality is proven to be a component of our genetic component, it brings up a compelling thought; as we do with various genetic diseases, will individuals reproduce or fail to act so on the genetic basis of homosexuality?
It 's interesting to look at ourselves or society and wonder how our various life situations have shaped us to be who we are and identify as today. Each individual experiencing different story lines than another, with similar or drastic role models or supportive influences molding how we in turn express ourselves. Even then the way we acknowledge and assimilate said events incorporates another variable of difference, just validifying that gender and identity are intricate areas of study, as evidenced by multiple theories that attempt to explain them.

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