Gender And Gender Roles Of The Western Society Essay

Gender And Gender Roles Of The Western Society Essay

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In the western society, one of the core values is traditional gender roles. We expect everyone to identify as the sex they were born as, and accept the gender roles that are placed upon us, such as that men have to act in a masculine and dominate behavior and women have to be sensitive and lady like. Although, not only are these social expectations wrong, but they are also harmful to anyone who does not conform to a gender binary. Yet, many people are uninformed on what a non-gender conformist is, it is anyone who’s gender does not match the sex they were born as (ex: transgender man or woman, non-binary, gender queer). Also, any person whose identity matches the sex they were born as is known as cisgender. In consequence to this, many people who are not accepting of other genders than cisgender, will often show prejudice or discrimination to any gender nonconformist (transphobia). Not only is transphobia intolerant, but it often causes psychological damage and physical harm to many transgender people.
Although in the western society, many gender nonconformists are viewed as atypical or abnormal, due to them not identifying with their biological sex. Therefore, transgender individuals are then treated as if they are not human, it is normal that they not referred to as by their proper pronouns by their family or peers. While, it is also common that young transgender individuals are bullied and harassed by others, and will often be called transphobia slurs such as tranny, hermaphrodite, or shemale. Due to the common discrimination against gender nonconforming individuals, they are more likely to partake in health harming activities, such as substance abuse and self harm (Millet & Grollman). Because of this situation, many young gen...

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... oppressed group, only because people think of them as abnormal and abnormality is seen as something that is deserved to be punished in this society.
It is truthful that the members of the transgender community are one of the most oppressed and discriminated groups in western society. There is no legitimate reason to not being accepting of gender nonconforming individuals. Yet, this society chooses to punish anyone who does not fit into the social norm of accepting that their gender is the same as their biological sex. This society also decides that being normal also includes dressing and acting purely based on your sex/gender, while in actuality gender is a spectrum there is definite woman or man based on someone’s body. Yet, the western society fails to accept all genders, and keeps causing the physical, emotional, and psychological harm that comes with oppression.

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