Gender And Gender : Male And Female Essay

Gender And Gender : Male And Female Essay

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There’s More to the Word Gender Than ‘Male’ or ‘Female”
When filling out a form or an application, a standard question asked is usually your gender. Your choices are going to be either ‘female’ or ‘male’, and for most people in this world those choices work for them. Oxford English Dictionary defines gender as “Males or females viewed as a group” But what about those who identify as gender fluid? Or neither? Or bigender? Today’s generation is growing fast in self-discovery and part of that may include realizing that the gender they were born as is not the gender they were meant to be. Therefore, who are we to define gender as merely two options, when there are more than fifty? In order to achieve the word gender being re-defined, acceptance and respects needs to be instilled for those who decide they identify differently. Tragic stories of unacceptance, backlash to laws hindering those who identify differently, and famous people who promote acceptance proves that the word gender shouldn’t be restricted to just “male” and “female”, but rather how each individual chooses to identify themselves as personally.
In December of 2014, social media was overcome with the news on Leelah Alcorn’s suicide. Leelah Alcorn was a seventeen year older transgender girl who struggled through life looking for acceptance. Leelah was born Joshua Alcorn and after coming out to her parents faced the harsh reality of unacceptance. Her parents forced her into Christian Therapy to try to make her change her mind, but her mind was set- she was meant to be a girl. She felt so unaccepted by her family and so alone that she decided to stop living, and walked into oncoming traffic. In a Facebook post her mother, still referring to Leelah as her son and Joshua,...

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... those who identify differently than their birth sex. The world is forever changing, so why limit a word, that should have limitless options? The stories of unaccepted teens feeling so alone, that they think their only choice is suicide should be evidence enough that the word needs redefining. If not, the lack of respect from lawmakers in North Carolina evidently discriminating against transgenders and gays might make you realize the word needs to be changed and respected even. How many famous people who have gone through the struggles that kids are right now is it going to take to stand up and say that the country needs to relearn the word ‘gender’? The word ‘gender’ needs to be re-defined as “the sex in which an individual personal identifies with”, or else the country will never come to accept those who do identify themselves differently than their birth gender.

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