Essay on Gender And Gender Field Work

Essay on Gender And Gender Field Work

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Chawn Christian- Gender in Society- Gender Field work
The non-conforming
My observations start at a Wendy’s for breakfast an unsuspecting place. I had originally planned to sit on beury beech but I quickly realized this would be a far more interesting area. It’s a place where people sit chit chat I can hear what their conversations are about, how they walk, what kind of cars they drive, how they deal with other people. Small details about their everyday interactions that society has gendered.
The main reason I decided to choose this spot is because I saw what I will consider a transgendered male. I originally thought he was a natural born man until I realized he had distinct female features. I’m not even sure this individual considered himself a he or as a transgender she could have simply taken on “Masculine” characteristics and I’m simply assuming she wants to be identified as a he. But one thing is for certain they had migrated into the male culture. They had short hair, lots of tattoos and didn’t follow the grooming standards bestowed on women today. They walked like a man with a stressed masculine “stroll” that mirrored that of the men more than the gate of the women. They spoke with a deep voice and rough housed with the women as the women laughed and giggled. They were flirty with the other females demonstrating their Casanova side accompanied with their strength that pardoned the other females from having to do the most manual labor. And as I was pleased and interested to see that they had been accepted in their work environment. The other women weren’t put off by their flirty behavior and they even seemed to have a girlfriend they worked with. There was a separation between the men and the women. They had different co...

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...d my innocent care free mind gave me a label and put me in a category they forced me to agree with or change. I’m when I see people just doing them but it saddens me when I see people feeling as though they need to conform as a women or a man. If you’re a man who likes feminine things and the feminine look you can be a man and still like those things and vise versa for females. You don’t have to get rid of your genitals to participate in the social group that you favor society puts too much pressure on your biological sex matching your obvious persona. I enjoyed watching the “LGBT” man who had feminine characteristics because he didn’t look like he was trying to change himself into a woman he was being his naturally born male wearing what he wanted to wear, walking the way he liked, talking the way he liked and hanging out with who he liked. Can we ungender gender?

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