Essay on Gender And Gender : A Child 's Behavior And Beliefs

Essay on Gender And Gender : A Child 's Behavior And Beliefs

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In our society little boys know from early ages that they are not suppose to wear dresses, play with dolls, or be attracted to the color pink. Likewise, little girls are never offered a race car toy or are never handed a basketball or a soccer ball. As christmas presents or birthday presents they are given kitchen sets or baby dolls. These are a few ways in which gender schemas are reinforced on children which lead to how children understand gender and sex as they grow up. These gender schemas are responsible for organizing a child’s behavior and beliefs which will mark how they remember experiences relating to gender. Gender schemas evolve into boys being encouraged to aggressively engage in horseplay while girls are looked down upon for having dirt under their nails. The myth of gender allows for these types of scenarios, that separate boys from girls, to be developed. As long as we keep setting up gender schemas for kids that include boys being scared to play with dolls or wear makeup or girls being denied the opportunity to engage in sports that are specific to boys, the myth of gender will continue. Rather than following the traditional myth of gender, we should strive to practice a new myth in which gender still exist but there will be no gender expectations or gender schemas. The myth of no gender restriction will allow children to grow up free of learned behaviors that will confine them from playing with certain kinds of toys, wearing certain colors, and exhibiting particular behavior.
From an early age a child begins to develop how he or she will behave when facing certain experiences relating to gender roles and gender schemas. A boy will refuse to wear a dress because he has acquired a schema that girls wear dresses,...

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... like this that gender schemas can also be eliminated and a counter schema can be imposed on children that does not limit the child’s gender roles to only their sex or gender. Since kids are very impressionable and at a young age their brains are still developing, this flip in ideas leads to a new way of thinking when it comes to gender. However, the most important and effective way to instill change is through the way parents outline a child’s development. Parents need to open up their minds and realize that change happens when someone wants it to happen. By simply letting their boy child be exposed to dolls and their girl child be exposed to sports and cars, they are allowing their children 's minds to expand. The next time you worry about your male toddler playing with a doll, instead of yanking it out of his hands, give him a chance to expand his gender schemas.

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