Gender, Age And Clothing Shopping Behaviors Essay

Gender, Age And Clothing Shopping Behaviors Essay

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For decades psychologists have been studying the relationship between gender, age and clothing shopping behaviors. Evolutionary psychologists, like Kenrick and Trost (1993), believe that men are more aggressive, inclined to promiscuity, and more concerned with the youth and physical attractiveness of their female partners, while females are more focused on a nice appearance because men are wired to be more attracted to that. Based off that theory, women are more likely to shop for new clothes to highlight their attractiveness to potential mates. However, an opposite situation happens with animals in nature. In nature it is the males that have to attract the females, and the males often have brighter colors, more plumage and use big displays to attract a mate. Psychologists Lott and Maluso (1993) stated that humans behave according to social categories such as gender, age, social class and sexual orientation. They believed that gendered behaviors are learned from early childhood; therefore, when girls and boys receive positive reinforcement for doing one activity (boys playing with blocks and girls playing with dolls) then that behavior is then associated with a good reaction, causing this gender socialization to continue for the rest of their lives. (Lott & Maluso 1993) These theories also suggest that women buy clothing for emotional reasons and tend to go shopping in large groups for social and interpersonal relationship reasons, while men buy clothing for more practical reasons based on need. (Babin, Darden, & Griffin, 1994; Dittmar, Long, & Meek, 2004). Dittmar and Cox (1995) believe that material goods fulfill an assortment of psychological functions. Women’s identities are more focused towards relationships, while men’s are ...

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...ell. There were several strengths of this study, it was easy to replicate, there was a large data set and for the majority it followed a scientific process. For further studies on this subject, there are several research methods that can be used to create stronger research. Case studies are a good method to get qualitative data from communities. Another good method would be a correlation study, focusing on the correlation between age, gender, and shoe ownership. Using interviews and online questionnaires would also be a good method to use since using online questionnaires will help reach a wider variety of participants globally. Since consumer habits have been shifting globally, by doing global studies and factoring in culture, future research done on this topic will be more accurate in helping psychologists see the correlation between shoes, age, gender and culture.

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