Essay on Gen Tech Accessories Global Marketing Strategy

Essay on Gen Tech Accessories Global Marketing Strategy

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Nxt Gen Tech Accessories Global Marketing Strategy
Valerie Faz - 588383
Park University

This Global Strategy Plan is for the presentation of Nxt Gen Tech Accessories. Next Gen Tech Accessories is a product like that was originated in Texas. The idea came from a group of friends who could not find a bag that fit their needs and wants as well as something that was accommodating toward their career and style. In today’s society technology is a tool most commonly used among business professionals and for personal use. So there is always a growing need for a Technician on the go.
The purpose of this is to show the product need amongst consumers and how this company can benefit by widening their consumer market. The company will make deals with merchants to sell their products in their store as well as accommodate many consumers by using the web as a facet to gain buyers.
The different methods that will be used are, identifying different target markets that this product line will reach, and expanding on it. As well as finding new market segments that the products will appeal to their needs. In order to appeal to our environmentally safe consumers we will be using eco friend tags that are not harmful to the environment and will minimize pollution.

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The Nxt Gen will proved accessibility, convenience and a sleek look for the techie in everyone. The goal is to target the demographic to computer technicians and the next generation of techies. The ability for a computer technician to finally have a bag made for their trait versus using an old school bag.
There are many bags out there that say they are for tools, and a techies friends. However, the bags lack everythin...

... middle of paper ...

...gus are just a few of the brands that currently provide laptops bags and or tablet bags. However they do not provided a tech bag. Which would allow the technician to use a bag for tools, parts and accessories, as well as pack up and go to a meeting in the board room.

Offer a variety of products rather then just one generic product, in order to entise a larger scope audience.
Start a website that sales the products and ships world wide
Venture a deal with Best Buy to sell product line
Merge or partner with a big name brand to use their name and my product in order to grow the consumer base even larger then just the tech world. Example (under armour)
Eviromentally safe tags (cut pollution)


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