Essay about Gehry Residence: A Classic Deconstrictivist Work

Essay about Gehry Residence: A Classic Deconstrictivist Work

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Located in Santa Monica, United States, Gehry Residence is considered as among the classic California iconic deconstructivist architectural works by the reason of its extraordinary form. Directly designed and renovated by the owner of the house during 1977 until 1978, Frank Gehry tried to explore his creativity on the use of material by wrapping outside of the house with a new exterior while still retaining the previous exterior design exist inside (1979,73). Consist of two floors; those existing house plans were designed in the linear form without any particular organization around it. However, Gehry’s effort in transforming the exterior part has considered succeed to change the impression towards the house.
Gehry’s additional design of the exterior has created an unconventional model form of house. The asymmetrical form characterizes the entire external side of the house. According to Goldstein, Gehry tried to slant the house roofline, create a false perspective and cause an absurd viewer’ perception or expectation (1979, 9). The complexity of the form might also produce a relationship with the house’s elements such as door, wall, and roof. For example, those elements, which linearly constructed, were hardly noticed since the distraction of geometric form around the exterior part of the house. It’s even barely hard to find the entrance of the house as a result of the salient angles of exterior.
On the other hand, Internal side has also been influenced by the external side’s complexity. The internal side of the house was renovated in line with the other side, showing the combination between the old and new elements. Even though Gehry didn’t change the basic plan of the house, it seems that the external complexity still can be f...

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...of the house as a result towards the unconventional design. Nevertheless, in the landscape point of view, this residence is surrounding by the trees and it creates a complete sense of privacy around the suburban site (Gehry 1979,73).

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