Essay on The Gay Movement, And The Purity Movement

Essay on The Gay Movement, And The Purity Movement

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The “Ex-Gay Movement” and the Purity Movement in the 1990s offered a solution for those wishing to reconfirm their faith with Jesus Christ. The Ex-Gay Movement consisted of ministries, with a focus on the New Hope ministry described in Straight to Jesus within this paper’s realm, that worked to rehabilitate those who wished to abandon their homosexual practices in favor of a heterosexual, Christian life. The Purity Movement, with a focus on the re-masculinization of men, True Love Waits and Silver Ring Thing described in Virgin Nation, within this paper’s realm, served as a sex education organization with a focus on abstinence-only until marriage. The ideas, and descriptions, of masculinity and femininity found their own place within these movements and served as part of the programs themselves. In both movements, women are seen as the more vulnerable and less sexually interested sex, while males are either seen as sexual predators in need of control, within the Purity Movement, or as needing to conform to an exaggerated masculinity, within the ex-gay movement. Either way, males are the stronger sex while females remain the weaker sex.
The New Hope ministry worked with the men in establishing a heterosexual persona. Hank, one of the long-term residents, became known as the New Hope’s “model of masculinity” and nicknamed “Mountain Man” amongst his peers. Hank exhibited a “gruff attitude”1 complete with a background in the army. Although he would still became overly emotional at times, Hank still remained an example for the other gay members to follow to avoid acting gay, or “camping” as it was referred to. Men of the house were to look to him for guidance on masculinity. They were also expected to participate in various sports ...

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... of the residents by constantly questioning the men about how they feel their masculinity is improving and offering classes on how to relate to a woman. The Purity Movement is similar in that they recognize the sexual aggression of “masculine men” and work to help them control it while maintaining power. Both movements agree on the status of women, however. Women, especially feminists, are seen to the threat of the balance of power of men within Christianity specifically. Women must be viewed as the weaker sex with very little interest in sex itself; yet, women must be fearful of men who are sexually aggressive. Both movements sought to keep males and females within their spheres with exaggerated representations of the female and male psyche through presentations, books, classes, etc in order to create a following of Christian, heterosexual, and even pure, families.

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