Essay on Gay Marriage Should Be Afforded Under The United States

Essay on Gay Marriage Should Be Afforded Under The United States

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Every American citizen who pays taxes and abides by all laws set forth by the government, also believe they deserve all rights afforded under the Constitution of the United States of America. All same sex couples must be afforded the right to marry. There is a pertinent question on the minds of all Americans. How is marriage defined?
The first country to legalize gay marriage was Denmark in 1989. In 1993 Norway formed Registered Domestic Partnerships, and in 1996, Iceland formed Registered Cohabitations (Zeller, "Anti-Gay", par. 5). Both of these legislations extended gay marriage. Germany in 2000, the Netherlands in 2001, and Belgium and Canada in 2002, and then finally the United States in 2015 have all agreed that “discrimination of marriage laws based on sexual orientation” is not only unlawful but also “unconstitutional” (“Gay Marriage”, par. 4).
The opposition fears that by legalizing gay marriage this will ultimately trigger an increase in divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, and finally the loss of monogamous relationships. These fears have no factual basis. In all of the countries which have legalized gay marriage studies show no increase in STDs, or divorce rates. In the past The United States has been the country others look to as an example of how to govern, and deal with social issues. However, the United States is still in complete turmoil after passing pro-marriage legislation in June of 2015.
On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of same sex couples. This landmark decision documented in Obergefell v. Hodges was a turning point for the gay community, however it was met with resistance. The majority of Americans voted for a special constitutional amendment. This amendment placed a ban...

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...relationship. Some critics in the past use one or all of these arguments to unlawfully deny gays the right to marry.
This basic right should be available to every citizen in our country. As a member of the gay community and an active member of The Human Rights Campaign, therefore I can attest to prejudice and discrimination. Furthermore, logic suggests Americans have an issue with same sex marriage because of religious conflicts. Marriage is a very personal subject, or looked at in that manner, and must be treated as such. The point is everyone should be afforded the same rights as every other person regardless of sexual orientation. As a country we need to move away from illogical reasoning, whether based on ignorance or prejudice. The Pledge of Allegiance demands “liberty and justice for all” therefore it should be taken at face value (Cong. Rec.) - “Amendments”.

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