Gay Marriage Is The Religious Groups Essay

Gay Marriage Is The Religious Groups Essay

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The first main group that is against Gay marriage are the Religious Groups. They do not consider Gay Marriage as a marriage. They see it as a big sin, a sin against Gods values and rules. In the Book of Genesis it says,” God created man in his image; in the Divine image he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed, saying; “Be fertile and multiply: fill the earth and subdue it “(Gen; 1; 28-29). Religious people fallow Gods Rules and because Gay Marriage has nothing common with the marriage between opposite sexes, they do not consider and accept it as a Marriage. In the Book of Genesis it is also discussed how God punished Sodom and Gemorrah for the sin of homosexuality. “The Lord rained down sulphraous fire upon Sodom and Gemorrah. He over threw those cities and the whole plain, together with the inhabitants of the cities and the produce of the soil” (Gen 19; 24-25).He punished them by destroying their cities and throwing fire upon them. The meaning of marriage in religion is something holy and special between a man and a women. Because as an outcome of an opposite sex marriage a husband and wife can bring children to the world. Gay marriages are not able to do so. For this reason, Religious groups do not accept Gay Marriage because they see it as an opposition to God.

Another group that is totally against Gay Marriage are the Political Groups or Political Leaders. There are hundred fourth four antigay activists who are members of Congress. In Congress it is mostly the members of the Republican Party that do not support Gay marriage. It is these members that support the Anti LGBT legislations. The anti-gay member of the Congress is Tim Huelkamp, who is a Senator of Washington State. In his first eighteen month o...

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...ur higher or lower federal tax liabilities than they would as single individuals. In all, the General Accounting Office has counted 1,138 statutory provisions—ranging from the obvious cases just mentioned to the obscure (landowners’ eligibility to negotiate a surface-mine lease with the Secretary of Labor)—in which marital status is a factor in determining or receiving “benefits, rights, and privileges.”1 In some cases, recognizing same-sex marriages would increase outlays and revenues; in other cases, it would have the opposite effect. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that on net,those impacts would improve the budget’s bottom line to a small extent: by less than $1 billion in each of the next 10 years (CBO’s usual estimating period). That result assumes that same-sex marriages are legalized in all 50 states and recognized
by the federal government.

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