Gay Marriage Is The Covenant Union Of A Man And A Woman Essay example

Gay Marriage Is The Covenant Union Of A Man And A Woman Essay example

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In society, today woman and man are discrimination against their gender preference of their own partner. When Obama passed the law in June 2015, with gay marriage it sparked controversy among many individuals. In the essay, The Tangled Web of Conflicting Rights, by George Will had conflicting right with their religion about gays. The Elane’s Photograph in New Mexico denied Vanessa Willock and her partner due to religion as a Christian and only photograph “traditional weddings” which they, “do not offer photography services to same-sex couples” as for them they took that offense. With the society today, gays are beginning to take over and believe in their rights of being accepted just as a man and a woman would be. There are many issues where people like to say god “marriage is the covenant union of a man and a woman for the purpose of committing to each other in companionship, provision of food and shelter, sexual privileges, children, and protection”. Does the same-sex married comparison, it 's everyone believe no matter if it a woman or a man a union relationship can join with any sex as long as a person belief stands and no set their own opinion among others. Even though same sex should be acceptable, should the sex same be denied or accepted because goes against the Christian beliefs, it causes conflict in people rights, and it is not always right to be judgmental?
First, should the sex same marriage be denied or accepted because goes against the Christian beliefs? People may seem to have felt a certain way about the photographer denied the same-sex commitment but it is all ones’ opinion. “Insofar as I 've found, nothing in the public record establishes that this Christian photographer is afraid of gay people, or intolerant of...

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...rd and following his words nothing should be taking away if I refuse. The key is to accept ones’ man for who they are but I do not have to allow ones in my space of nonbeliever. Discrimination is a serious issue that is going on today with varies of companies but in order to change that list preference of what that company should have representing its name. The photographer refuses them because of religious reasons, and they disapprove of same-sex unions. They way she explained it was a respectful way and they took it offense only because it seems to them they were refusing their rights. But in the society today, “In America, there is plenty of homophobia, plenty of anti-gay bigotry, and plenty of people whose antagonism to gays and lesbians is rooted in hatred. Sometimes the language of religious liberty is used to justify behavior that is anything but Christ-like”.

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