Gay, Gay And The Misuse Of It Essays

Gay, Gay And The Misuse Of It Essays

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Gay, go into any YouTube comment section, and you will see this word. Today we know it as either defining someone’s sexuality or if someone is happy. Even in seventh grade reading, I remember us going over the word gay and the misuse of it. My teacher would tell us that kids nowadays miss use words because they’re not taught the proper meaning of words. Ironically though, we still were not taught any other meaning of the word, just two. The word gay has not only been around for centuries, but the meaning of it has also changed over time.
Starting in the twelfth century in England, the word gay became known. It was formed from a old french word gai, which is believed to be derived from another German word, but because words are complicated, it’s hard to know. The old word gai and the new word gay both had the same meaning; to be joyful, carefree or to sum it up, to be happy. This is also how people may know this word today, besides it’s other meaning of being homosexual. Lets then hid to the early modern period of Europe, also known as the seventeenth century where, according to a old oxford dictionary, the meaning of gay changed again. The meaning changed to immoral or addicted to pleasures. It changed swiftly from a word meaning happy to being considered a harsh word. This may be infact due to the the religious prosecution of the homosexual community because of the translation of the new King James Bible, which people took to talk about the immorality of being homosexual.
Less time passed this time until the definition of gay changed once again. Move forward, or backwards depending on your opinion, to the nineteenth century. The word changed to mean either a woman who was a prostitute, or a man who slept with a lot of women. Thi...

... middle of paper ... used by so many in the school that it is just a common word. This is also the most common way to use it amongst teenagers from what I have seen. The final definition which I have heard is to describe when something is festive. It tis the holiday season where we dawn our gay apparel, making the word gay become a common word to use and describe your surroundings or decorations around us.
My seventh grade Reading teacher taught us well on the other definition of the word gay, but there was so much more to be taught that I doubt he even knew. Each word is special because they cover such a broad spectrum of meanings that aren’t always taught in schools. The word gay can be used in so many ways, and if people could expand on the definitions they know for most of the words they use, I believe we could become more articulate and literate which would help everyone out.

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