Gay And The Lgbt Society Essay

Gay And The Lgbt Society Essay

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Throughout this course, the notion of gay and what it implies have been discussed many times. Whether or not the surroundings influenced it, in legal systems or everyday life, we tried to fully envisage its depth. First of all, in this essay, gay will refer both as homosexual men and women. Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals may be referred to as LGBT. A lot of progress was made lately to bring the notion to a concrete and legal or social definition without stigmatization. While it is still not accomplished, we can already witness the changes for the LGBT society. In fact, it started back in the nineteenth with political claims, deeper analyses of non-heterosexual sexuality and a whole new lifestyle at hands for people to explore . The question raised by this essay is to know whether or not LGBT do have a special social place, a special belonging, and if it is well integrated in society.

A brief history about gay social belonging highlights how it went from the ancient Greek pederasty, as a passage in a boy 's life to become a man, to a political matter in the twenty-first century. As previously stated, the "birth" of such a community began in the late nineteenth century. From legalisation to civil partnership, Western Europe, and the world in general, has evolved around its gay community. Still, there are differences in rights and duties that remain.
The blood ban, for example, keep stopping gay people to donate blood throughout major countries in Europe. It is of course a trace left by the AIDS/HIV epidemic, but the stigma lays only on the gay community. There have approximately a thousand of cases of AIDS in the United Kingdom. The English government 's AIDS data fight, which has been broadly respected abroad, obedient...

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...ndangers a community. Gay social belonging seems to exist, spatially -in San Francisco or Paris for example-, culturally -with pop culture elements like TV shows-, and politically, but what is alarming is that by "creating" space for gays, society forgot to pay attention to the "leftovers", the one outside the heterosexual/homosexual dichotomy. As gays sometimes close themselves in their quest for freedom and equality, society and the media only highlighted how much of a fight it was to gain such rights, thus creating a strong gay image, different from the heterosexual one. To sum it up, fighting actively for a social belonging might be dangerous for the main community, but also to all the others in contact with it. They may suffer from a misinterpretation, or even be shadowed on purpose so the main community is targeted as the "opponent" in plus of feeling isolated.

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