Essay about The Gay And Gay Rights

Essay about The Gay And Gay Rights

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Lesbian and gay couples have faced enormous scrutiny in recent years, they should be able to marry and procreate without jumping through hoops for the law. The issue at hand is not what kind of people they are, but what kind of people our society allows. Homosexuals today are being pushed through trial after trial fighting for their civil rights as an American, when we’re the ones with the problem. Modern society should stop putting up walls for Lesbian-Gay people and allow them to stop living under scrutiny.
Being an American citizen means you have the right to your own decision, such as who you marry, what job you prefer and when to have children. Being Lesbian or Gay in the world’s current society strips you of these natural rights however; LG couples are legally restricted from marriage in 11 states (“issues”, par 3). Modern gay rights movements started in 1969 in New York City when activists fought back against one of the many raids on a gay-run business. It wasn’t until 2004 that the first breakthrough for LG people came in the form of marriage legalization for the state of Massachusetts on May 17th 2004. Growing up LG in today’s society adds significantly to the struggles of becoming an adult, the reaction of friends and family can sometimes be too much to bear, genuine worries of LG people coming out include “if I come out, is someone going to kill me?” and “when I told her I was gay she almost killed me” (Neumer, par 9). LG children and teens have been kicked from their homes upon coming out due to the horriblyaskew perception of them in our world. Denied funerals (“stances”, par. 11), looked down upon in their religion (“stances”, par. 5), the life of a homosexual person today is made difficult by the non-accepting soc...

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...ld have to be asked about how their life has been primarily changed by having same sex parents (Sprigg 5). Another gap in the study is that, some children may have had LG parents but did not grow up in their household, or vice versa, all these factors make for troublingly inconclusive arguments (“Rights”, par 25).
For anti-homosexual Americans the issue is that gay and lesbian couples desire the right to marry and parent children. The true issue however is how LG families are treated by the world at large. Their lives become more difficult not because they are homosexual but because society has made is that way through exclusion and discrimination. By excluding LG people from being able to marry, you are suppressing an entire group of humans from their natural born rights, the last time this happened we called it racism and it divided the country into a civil war.

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