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Gattaca is a movie directed by Andrew Niccol and the film is set in the "not too distant future." Andrew Niccol's perception of the future isn't what most people expect, but once thought about carefully it seems quite believable. This movie presents us with a new method in which society strives for perfection and it also makes us wonder if genetic engineering is morally correct. Your place in society in Gattaca is based on your genetic makeup and the way you were born. People born the way we know as natural are "in-valids". On the other hand people born with the aid of genetic engineering are "valids." An "in-valid" has his future set out to be a cleaner or other insignificant job in society which doesn't require an education. A new form of prejudice has been recently debated about, which is the idea of having greater or second-rate genes.
Within the movie, the natural method of birth is genetic engineering, which is unlike what our society perceives to be natural. Genetic engineering leads to genetic selection from the parents who choose to eliminate any defects, diseases or genetic illnesses. Some parents may want to leave several genetic traits to chance rather then selecting the attributes of their son or daughter. To what extent is this process of conception morally right, if even right at all? Morally speaking, genetic engineering in any conception should only be used in extreme circumstances. If the natural method of conception isn't possible in the parents then genetic engineering should be the last resort, but only if the genetic changes take place to provide a healthy child, not to give this child any known advantages over other children born "naturally".
Jerome has a high rank of genes and is considered to be "elite" in all aspects; these expectations of him are what lead him to suicide and mental difficulties. Elite genes are a burden to live with for Jerome, as he has to live up to societies expectations of success and a major contribution to the development of society. The movie Gattaca suggests that your genetic makeup isn't entirely what makes up who you are, this is shown when Vincent says "after all there is no gene for fate." Will power and the inspiration for success play a greater role in the outcome of your life. In the end, this film has proven to us that no one is perfect, your identity and who you are is up to you and what your make yourself to be in the eyes of others.

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Eventually everyone will find their way into society no matter what disadvantages they may have.
The main ethical and moral issue presented to us in Gattaca is the discrimination of someone in view of their genetic makeup, or the way they were born. You may wonder how this relates to the modern world and the societies in which we live. The main form of discrimination around the world is racial prejudice, which is similar to genealism. Andrew Niccol wanted his viewers to consider genealism and compare it to racism as there are many similarities between them. An example of this racial or gene discrimination is shown when Vincent is rejected from working at Gattaca because they believe he has inferior genes. Racial discrimination has occurred in the past with such policies as the "White Australia" Policy. These forms of discrimination are morally wrong and unethical in many ways and shouldn't be committed by anyone in any place around the world.
The movie Gattaca is morally beneficial as it addresses some very fragile issues which can be discussed and argued. The most commonly brought up issues are, if it should be allowed for parents to choose the attributes of their children in the future through genetic engineering, the high expectation that the elite members of society must face and the prejudice of someone due to their genetic makeup. These issues are very important for scientists and people of society to face if genetic science is to advance into the level at which they were in the film. These technologies are extremely beneficial to society and ethical measures must be taken when researching in this field of science.
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