Gattaca: A Dystopian Society Essay

Gattaca: A Dystopian Society Essay

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1. Gattaca is a world where only people with perfect genetics are “valid”. A natural born, Vincent, forges an identity to follow his dream of becoming a space traveler. Gattaca is an imaginary place where perfect society is created by cloning. The subject of human cloning that does not currently exist which makes this movie science fiction. They have unreal technology like, the machines that determines health issues and life expectancy right at birth. The advancement in technology and new scientific research has made cloning possible. Families can go to a genist to control their child’s genetics according to their liking; from their looks to their behavior. There are no such things as genist doctors, which is a another factor why this movie is science fiction. This movie is warning to today’s society of what might potentially happen if cloning existed in real life.

2. The movie is set in a place called Gattaca. This place is a highly advanced. Technology is so extreme, that even people are technologically created. Genetic engineering is used to make humans just right. In the real world, organisms and animals have been cloned before, but never has a human. That is because there are risks and dangers. Unlike Gattaca, the world today does not have enough knowledge and technology to create a normal human. Dolly, a clone of an adult sheep, failed 276 times before a successful mammal was created. Scientist predicts cloning will be much harmful with humans. Babies will suffer birth defects and abnormalities. Human cloning is normal in Gattaca. In most countries, like Canada, Australia, and United Nations, human cloning is illegal. Although scientists are looking into cloning, people argue that cloning humans is morally wrong. It ...

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...emselves. Eugenics will create social problems. If only few people were modified, the others with less desirable traits will be treated as an underclass. This will create social problems and divided humanity.

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