The Gates to Our Homes and What We Let In Essay

The Gates to Our Homes and What We Let In Essay

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By Wildman
Liberty University

I assert that television has become two very different things in our homes; it has been a great tool for many things to build and enhance our lives, however it also has developed a slow decay of its majority content that has greatly degraded our culture.
The question is does the good outweigh the bad? Some say it is important to use any tools available, while others say that the risk of allowing damaging content into our homes is too big of a chance to take.
(Martin, 2013)
In the twenty first century, as our television experiences become more interactive we see and innumerable amount of educational software that is available with the push of a remote control button. From the Discovery channel to the Netflix listed above we see quite a few opportunities for education right from the sofa. "I think it's fabulous that people are looking on the positive side. Because no one's going to stop watching TV, we have to have viable alternatives for kids," said Dr. Michael Rich, director of the Center on Media and Child Health at Children's Hospital Boston. (The Associated Press, 2013)
Television did not become popular in the United States until the 1950’s. “When the FCC in 1952 added UHF (ultra high frequency) channels to the existing channels then in operation, they reserved 10 percent for use by nonprofit educational organizations.” (O'Malley, 2004) From the beginning the FCC was aware of the potential of television an also realized the need to force educational television to offset the increasing amount of violence being broadcast.
The Catholic Bishop F. Sheen is often given credit for being the first televangelist in the 1950’s...

... middle of paper ...

...ild and enhance our lives, however it also has developed a slow decay of its majority content that has greatly degraded our culture.
a. Thesis
b. Arguments and opposing views
II. Television as a Tool
a. Educational background of television
b. Religious background of television
c. Safety positives of television
III. Television and its Decay of the Home
a. Moral implications
b. Biblical prophecy
c. Dangers and warning signs
IV. Weighing the Good and Bad of Television
a. Does the education benefit outweigh the possible damage?
b. What are our responsibilities as Christians?
V. Conclusion
a. I contend that the benefits of television do not outweigh the possible damaging effects of the home and more importantly there are implications that it can it pose to our eternal life found in Jesus Christ as individual members of the Body of Christ.

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