Gasoline Electric Hybrid Vehicles Essay

Gasoline Electric Hybrid Vehicles Essay

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Did you know that in 2006 there were 232 million registered vehicles in the United States, alone (Cars by the Numbers). And that for every vehicle 600 gallons of gasoline are consumed each year, but wait there’s more (Cars by the Numbers). Did you know that 12,000 pounds of carbon dioxide are emitted from each vehicle in a year (Cars by the Numbers)?
Global warming, high gas prices, and the gasoline shortages are some of the most highly debated issues among our society. Throughout, the years many concerned people have been frustrated to find a central solution to these problems. Gasoline Electric Hybrids may bring relief to our society as part of the solution to the larger aforementioned problems. Even if gasoline cars are cheaper, the benefits of gasoline electric hybrids outweigh the convenience and initial low prices of standard gasoline cars because gasoline electric Hybrids are more economical, have greater fuel efficiency, and do not cause as severe impact on the environment.
Conventional cars have existed since the eighteenth century however you can still find them in everyday life. Conversely assortments of people do not take their time to learn the history behind conventional cars. The automobile industry drastically became a major part of the world in the end of eighteenth century and beginning of the nineteenth century. In the ruling, the sole inventor of the automobile in this case is undetermined. Since the automobile was developed and improved over time, as more admiring inventors and scientists experimented with this idea. At first, several individuals were skeptical, preferring the familiar horse-drawn carriages, which they were accustomed to (Carpiaux, Nicole). However in 1769 Nicolas J...

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...o the society in the United States, because of the simple fact that there were no needs for a gasoline electric hybrid at the time.

Gasoline Electric Hybrids are more economical, have greater fuel efficiency, and do not cause as severe impact on the environment but most importantly outweigh the initial low prices of conventional cars. The 21 century has adopted the “Go Green” culture and has made it part of history. A Gasoline electric hybrid is the key to reducing emissions, greenhouse gases and most importantly helping stop global warming, that is an issue that concerns everyone that calls this terrestrial earth their home. So next time when your taking a long trip or just simply going on vacation think about the gasoline electric hybrid and the money you could be saving and the emissions that you could be reducing by switching to a gasoline electric hybrid.

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