Gasoline and Alternative Fuel Solutions

Gasoline and Alternative Fuel Solutions

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Gasoline and the economy, the impact it has on the society. The current gas prices have a larger impact on consumer spending, however not so much on the percent of gasoline purchased, after all people still have to drive themselves places. (consumer A major increase in cost will be necessary to lessen the quantity demanded. Gasoline is too costly and harmful to the economy and the environment thereby society needs to find alternative fuels, which best serve, the society.
Gasoline and the environment, it contributes to pollution in the air and other effects it has on people. Gasoline usage contributes to Air and Water Pollution, therefore people need to find a way to reduce pollution in their societies. ( Just in one single day Americans use around 380 million gallons of gasoline. (
There are multiple alternatives to gasoline; the problem is the availability of all of those alternatives. Hydrogen is quite expensive to produce and is only available at minimal locations. ( Compressed Natural Gas is less easily available than gasoline and diesel. ( Compressed Natural Gas Prices for kits range from $995 to $1895. Conversion kits start at around $299.00.
What are some things that help obtain better gas mileage? People should drive the speed limit, also every mile anyone drives exceeding sixty mph is like having to pay twenty cents more for every gallon of gas, therefore everyone should watch their speed! ( It is good to avoid quick starts and stops, they can decrease mileage as much as five percent. ( It is a good idea to leave windows down when driving around town instead of using the air conditioner. ( Mr. Johnny stated “that the less weight you pack around in your vehicle the better gas mileage it will get.”
There are many different types of alternative fuels. Ethanol is derived domestically from corn and other crops it creates less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels. ( Bio diesel is produced from oils which are from vegetables also some animal fats; it will most likely create less air pollutants than petroleum based fuels do in the environment. ( Natural Gas is a fossil fuel that produces less air pollutants and greenhouse gases than most other fuels do. ( “Hydrogen may be produced domestically from fossil fuels such as coal, nuclear power, or other things like renewable resources, such as hydro power; fuel cell vehicles which are powered by pure hydrogen do not tend to create any harmful pollutants in the environment.

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” (
The cost of alternative fuels, Ethanol (E85) is generally around 2.75 dollars per gallon. ( Biodiesel (B20) is approximately 3.50 dollars per gallon. ( Biodiesel (B99-B100) is around4.05 dollars per gallon. ( Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is about 1.93 dollars per gallon. (

These are some facts about gasoline, Oil will most likely run out 100 years before new fuels are completely finished being developed. (Karin Zeitvogel) Approximately two thirds of crude oil is used to make gasoline and diesel which is used to run vehicles. ( On the oil supply side of things, consumption is quite likely to decrease in future as more energy saving techniques are introduced and consumed by consumers, also as new oil reserves could quite possibly become available as extraction measures continue to improve. (Karin Zeitvogel) Which implied to researchers that investors believe oil is going to do well in the near future and occupy a much broader share of the energy market than any other alternative energy source. ( If the world's oil reserves and postdoctoral researcher calculated that a viable alternative fuel to oil will not be available before the middle of the next century.(Karin Zeitvogel) A fuel is any substance which yields energy to heat or mobilize any object. (Janice Lopez) The two most common forms of fuel are: chemical fuel and nuclear fuel. (Janice Lopez)
These are some facts about Alternative fuels, In more condense fueling locations also on vehicles, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is stored in bigger walled steel, aluminum, or composite tanks which are built to last more than twenty years of time. (“More than 99 percent of the natural gas used in the United States comes from domestic or other North American sources.”( Most natural gases are derived from one of these three types of wells: natural gas-and-condensate wells, oil wells, and coal bed methane wells. ( On the alternative fuel side of the equation, the study failed to look at nonprofits, government agencies and universities, which are producing new fuels, because they are not quoted on the stock market. (Karin Zeitvogel) Environmentally friendly, Hydrogen produces absolutely no air pollutants or greenhouse gases when used in fuel cells; it only produces nitrogen oxides (Nox) when it is burned in Ices. ( Produced Domestically, Hydrogen could very well be produced domestically from several sources, lessening the people’s dependence on their petroleum imports. ( Hydrogen is an environmentally friendly fuel that has the potential to reduce people’s dependence on imported petroleum based oil dramatically in the near future. (
Some researchers analyzed the share prices of 25 oil companies quoted on US, European and Australian stock exchanges, and 44 alternative energy companies that make fuels such as ethanol or bio-diesel, or may be creating fuel cells, battery and propulsion systems goaled at taking over the place of gasoline and diesel in the vehicles of the future. (Karin Zeitvogel) The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has a theory that, by 2025, more than 15 percent of the United States natural gas supplies will be imported from countries not just from Canada and Mexico. ( Alternative fuels are produced from resources that differ from petroleum based fuels. (
When it is released, Compressed Natural Gas mixes with the air and becomes highly flammable, only when the mixture is within 5 to 15 percent pure natural gas. ( Natural gas is made both worldwide and domestically at quite low cost and it is also much cleaner when burning than gasoline or diesel fuel, which creates less pollution. ( Natural gas vehicles all show on average a large scale reduction in ozone forming emissions of 80 percent in comparison with gasoline generated vehicles, which is a really great thing for everyone’s environment. (
Here are some more important facts about gasoline, in today's society, well over half of the oil's we use are imported (57%), and people’s dependence is highly likely to increase a lot as people use all of their domestic resources. ( People may never eliminate the need to import oil, but they can reduce cartel market control and the economic impact of price shocks by lessening their demand for it in a great number of amount. ( Mr. Johnny stated “that he in fact would like to see this change so that his children and grandchildren can have a better world to live in.”
Here are some more facts about alternative fuels; Hydrogen is so far the most promising fossil fuel alternative for all of the people in the future. (Janice Lopez) In southern California alone, there are more than 100 public fueling stations for Compressed Natural Gas in the larger metropolitan areas from Los Angles all the way to the Mexican border. ( Many alternatives are fully produced domestically, lessening the people’s dependence on imported oil, and some are also produced from renewable sources, which also reduce the people’s dependence and needs for imported oils. (
Bio fuels are derived from living organisms or from metabolic by products (organic or food waste products). ( There are quite a few pros and cons pertaining to using bio fuels as an energy source. ( In order for it to be categorized as a bio fuel the fuel must contain an amount exceeding 80 percent of renewable matter.( It is originally produced from the photosynthesis process and therefore may often be referred to as a solar energy source. (alternative-energy-news)
Here are a few facts about biofuels and how far they have come in evolving the ways that they are produced; the first generation of biofuels are derived mostly from edible sugars or from starches, probably even a little of both. ( The second generation of bio fuels is produced from nonedible plant materials. ( The third generation of bio fuels is derived from algae and other microbes. (
Any hybrid electric vehicles, plug in hybrid electric vehicles, and all other electric vehicles have multiple benefits in comparison to generally acceptable vehicles. ( Some of those benefits are including a much better fuel economy and environment because of, lower fuel prices, higher energy security, and much more fueling flexibility. (
Another good thing would be for people to invest in technologies which would greatly increase the fuel economy of America's vehicle fleet which would in fact create many more jobs for the people that are greatly needed, which will also save consumers money on fuel that they could use to satisfy other needs and wants, it would greatly decrease global warming and all pollutions, and reduce the peoples dependence on foreign oil meaning a better environment. ( Increasing fuel economy with a measure of the average vehicle miles traveled per gallon of fuel is not a sure thing. ( However, sound fuel economy policy and good engineering may be the answer to the cleaner and more fuel efficient cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles people need to help reduce everyone's dependence on imported petroleum based oils which would greatly increase the cleanliness of the environment. (
Here are some facts that show how harmful petroleum based gasoline usage is for the United States consumers in a recent study show that they spend approximately 1 billion dollars each and every day to import oil and other petroleum based products, which shows how harmful it is for the economy. ( Drilling, refining, and distributing gasoline alone accounts for around 5 pounds of global warming pollution for each gallon of gasoline, and burning gasoline during vehicle operation accumulates around another 19 pounds of global warming pollution for each gallon of gasoline usage, which is how it is very harmful for the environment and all living things in it. (
Reasons that Alternative Fuels should be the solution to a better economy and environment for all people in the world; for each and every person that makes the wise decision to purchase and drive a vehicle being powered off of or run by any type of alternative fuel, there will be much less pollutants put into the atmosphere causing global warming and will make the air people breath much cleaner. ( Another thing is that alternative fuel vehicles obtain much better gas mileage and a few hybrid vehicles do actually increase the number of miles per gallon by at least 20 percent. ( This would benefit almost all drivers, it would provide a huge improvement. ( It would not only be beneficial to the environment, also for the world and the people and other living organisms that live in it to be driving these types of automobiles that run off of alternative fuels or hybrid vehicles which create hardly any pollutants in the world the reside in, also the tax incentives would greatly benefit and help each person whom decided to take advantage of those tax incentives. ( Desmond King and all the other people of the Chevron company and facility are behind using renewable resources and alternative fuels in place of gasoline because everyone needs this so people can have a better place to live, cleaner air to breath, and be much healthier for the simple fact that there will be less pollutants in the air for every person who converts the source of fuel they use to any alternative fuel, or electric or hybrid car. (Desmond King)
In conclusion to this paper, for the people it would most likely the best thing for everyone to choose to convert to an alternative fuel source, a hybrid, or electric vehicle because it seems to be best for the economy and for the environment. From this stand point it seems as if using gasoline for fuel is not a very effective decision because it is harmful for people in so many different ways. However everyone has the right to their own opinions so this is just one out of the millions of peoples but sometimes all it takes it that one voice to make a valid point. To someone somewhere this might make a difference. Hopefully this will help people make the right choice or what they believe is the right choice to help better the economy and environment not just for themselves but also for their future generations.

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