Gas Welding : Pipeline Welding Essay

Gas Welding : Pipeline Welding Essay

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Many people may enjoy the smell of burning metal fumes but i most certainly do not!? This can be one of many problems when one is pipeline welding. I should do welding manufacturing over pipeline welding. Pipeline welding has many more disadvantages than welding manufacturing has on my body, social, and family life.
What is welding some may ask. “Welding is the use of brazing or soldering to join together or split apart pieces of metal.” Says miller electric inc. The First recorded forms of welding was from the bronze age when metal boxes were made by “pressure welding lap joints together.” In medieval times welding was used by hammer to forge weapons of different types. “It was actually not until the late 1800’s that traditional welding was invented.” Mentions miller electric inc. The first non primitive form of welding invented was the method of oxy acetylene; also known as torch welding/cutting; which was invented in 1836 by Edmund Davy. During the late 1800’s gas welding was invented which has also been referred to as mig/GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding). The process of mig uses a ground connection just like all other forms but a spool of wire is fed through a gun along with a blend of 25% CO2 and 75% Argon shielding gas to protect the weld from outside gasses. “In approximately 1900 Strohmenger invented a coated electrode with a thin layer of lime and clay.” Miller electric says that long rods of iron were dipped in thick mixtures of carbonates and silicates. In my opinion I Find the stick welding process inadequate, for instance mig is a faster, and easier process. Stick requires more practice and can be far more messier; however stick has far greater tensile strength than mig welds posses. “With the start of world war one is ...

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... makes for cleaner welds (Petkovsek). Welding manufacturing is also safer because workers are not forced into small compact areas with hardly any room to breathe. Where you work will determine what kind of equipment you will be manufacturing; for instance at vactor manufacturing they assemble vacuum trucks through several different processes. They include going through an assembly line, being fit, and being welded. One upside to this occupation is not having to travel as frequent as pipe fitters do. All work is generally in the same area as the manufacturing plant you work at.
Clearly welding manufacturing is the perfect career for me. I would much rather work as a welding manufacturer than a pipeline welder. More than 80% of pipeline welders are not able to work past the age of 50 (Dye). Welding manufacturing would be less harder on my body, health, and family life.

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