The Gas Consumption And Pollution Essay

The Gas Consumption And Pollution Essay

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America and the rest of the world has become dependent on fossil fuels to run and power our cities. The oil consumption and pollution has created serious issues such as holes in the ozone layer, which has lead to warmer winters and even warmer summers. The time to change our oil consumption is now. We need an alternative fuel that will benefit the environment and also make the world less dependent on oil. The solution is hydrogen fueled vehicles. Hydrogen vehicles create no pollution and they are quiet. The hydrogen vehicles would benefit many large cities by creating cleaner air and by reducing the noise levels. Hydrogen vehicles are the next step in creating a more efficient future.
Hydrogen fuel cells are easy to acquire because hydrogen is “one of the most abundant elements on Earth” (Heiman). Hydrogen atoms would be easy to acquire because there are millions of hydrogen atoms in the air. By creating hydrogen as an alternative fuel, America could become less dependent on foreign oil and could reduce the carbon footprint of many major cities.
America needs to develop a type of fuel that does not require the large dependence on another country to provide for their country. According to Michael Heiman, author of The Hydrogen and an assistant professor in the Department of Geography at Syracuse University, “transportation is responsible for one-fourth of global greenhouse gas emissions and consumes 75 percent of the world oil production.” If the world changes their main fuel source for transportation then we could reduce our greenhouse gas output by twenty-five percent. By changing our fuel for transportation we could reduce effect on the environment and reduce the problem of global warming. The change to an...

... middle of paper ... our ways of transportation.
Hydrogen fuel is one possible change to alter our greenhouse gas pollution significantly and reduce our foreign oil intake. The pollution that we keep creating is affecting our environment and our health. We need to make the change that will curb our oil addiction and make our lives better. By using hydrogen fuel cells to power our vehicles, America and many other countries around the world can become less dependent on many of the major oil manufacturer companies. Hydrogen fuel is clean and efficient. The change to hydrogen fuel will be simple and easy for the average American to adapt to. With hydrogen fueled vehicles we can help our environment and create a sustainable fuel for the future, because of the abundance of hydrogen atoms in the air. Hydrogen fueled vehicles are the next step to a sustainable future for many cities.

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