The Garden Of Earthly Delights A Painting By Hieronymus Bosch And The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

The Garden Of Earthly Delights A Painting By Hieronymus Bosch And The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Global warming is a problem that is often overlooked by many and is hindered among other problems that require immediate actions. Over the last 136 years the temperature in earth has increased 1.7°¬¬¬F. Although an increase of 1.7°¬¬¬F over 136 years may not seem like a lot but humans are destroying the earth at a faster rate than ever before. Human omissions are roughly equal to 4 Hiroshima atomic bombs exploding across the planet every second leaving future generations of human in jeopardy. With warmer climate comes with catastrophic outcomes like drought, which can destabilize the food sources on earth leaving millions of people hungry. Widespread extinction of most species on earth and the melting of polar ice caps can raise the sea level leaving most of the world’s coastal cities under water. This cannot happen overnight but if humans keep omitting at the current rate the outcome of climate change will become prominent sooner than ever. The garden of earthly delights a painting by Hieronymus Bosch and The Lottery by Shirley Jackson depict the future of our horrific earth and why humans are doing the least to change the outcome.
Hieronymus Bosch an artist from Netherland painted the garden of earthly delights somewhere between 1490 to 1510. The painting is broken into three different panels and the connotation of the each panel varies from each individual and their perception. The first panel depicting the beginning of earth where Adam and Eve were at the Garden of Eden. The earth was glorious and kind, animals were evolving and everything was peaceful. The second panel portrays the current position of our planet. The kindness is gone, there is over population, humans are fighting against each other and lastly the third pane...

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...ed on from generations to generations and the reason for it is unknown but no one seemed to be insisting the concept until they are the victims. This is related to the concept of global warming since we as humans tend to step over this big problem since it is not effecting us immediately. Until we start approaching the problem together the issue of global warming will not be resolved.
Within the existence of only 200,000 years humans have destroyed more than ninety percent of the earth’s forest. The rise of temperature and sea level are all signs of tragic disaster humans are heading towards. At the current rate of destruction human will not be able to survive more than hundred years on earth. Global warming is a deadly disease and only we have the cure for it, so it is up to us, the ordinary to attack and accomplish the hardest problem that human have ever faced.

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