The Gap Inc.: Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

The Gap Inc.: Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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The business world has always been a very risky business. There is a lot to worry about no matter what position a person fulfills; everyone has some level of responsibility. The Gap Incorporated is a multinational specialty retail company (Gap Inc. 2014). The company was created by a Doris and Don Fisher (Joslin et. al. 2010). Don Fisher and his wife was a very wealthy couple, Don was a real estate developer (Joslin et. al. 2010). They decided to open up a clothing store when Don realized how popular jeans were becoming in the fashion industry. Another reason that Don Fisher wanted to open a clothing store is because he has an extremely difficult time finding jeans that fit him properly in department stores (Joslin et. al. 2010). So in the year of 1969 the Fishers opened the very first Gap store in San Francisco, California (Gap Inc. 2014). In this paper I will explore The Gap Incorporated and discuss the company’s ethical culture and behavior past and present. Based on preliminary information, I hypothesize that The Gap Incorporated is an ethical company.
Company Message on Ethics
Like most companies The Gap Incorporated usually has some type of commitment or vision that they want their company to fulfill. The owner, Don Fisher wanted his company to be unique and really help the community. The company does not have a set mission statement but they have made commitment to their stakeholders, employees and they community. One of the commitments the company made was that they will do way more than just sell clothes (Gap Inc. 2014). The Gap Inc. also ensures that everyone that works with the company or is associated with the company will be treated with the up most respect, fairness and dignity (Gap Inc. 2014).
The goal of the Gap I...

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