Essay about The Gap Between The United States And Latin America

Essay about The Gap Between The United States And Latin America

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Mexico is the bridging gap between the United States and Latin America. This results in many generalizations towards Latin America because of Mexico. While Mexico is a prideful nation, it has its downfalls. The drug cartels have infiltrated every aspect of Mexico and have started their own turf war against other cartels. The turf wars has killed thousands of civilians and an influx of Mexican immigrants is trying to find a better life in the United States, has caused an international outcry against the cartels.

The drug cartels originated in Colombia, while Mexico was just used a traffic route towards the end of its period. Mexico would eventually take over once Colombia defeated the drug cartels there. Mexico is now the primary supplier and trafficker of cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamines. They have infiltrated every city, every police officer, and every governmental position (Hamilton, Chapter 12).

While there are many who have benefited from the drug trade, one group of people have not; the civilians. People have watched their families be ripped apart by the drug wars and have called for the government to stamp out the cartels from the country. As ingrained as the cartels are, the corruption if the Mexican government runs deep; thus the elimination of the cartels will not be possible until the government itself takes accountability. In order to be held accountable, the government workers must out the cartels, resign from office, and stop receiving funds from the cartels. This is the reason many do not believe this will ever happen. The corruption will persist without someone to be blamed (Hamilton, Chapter 12).

The War on Drugs by President Nixon instigated a lot of the violence. Before the War on Drugs, dr...

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...ealities that plague the nation. It affects those trying to improve their education, climb out of poverty, and rise into politics. The first step to any solution, is to admit they have a problem. Brazil needs to let go of the myth and admit they have a race problem.

The United States and Latin America have had a complicated past and relationship. They have intervened on each others affairs and brought violence when encountered. The actions of U.S. intervention has come to an end at last. The Monroe Doctrine stated that it was the United States’ duty to protect any nation within the Western Hemisphere from other invaders. However, it did not mention invaders within the hemisphere that might try to intervene on foreign affairs. It looks to be that the United States is past that, and we can enter a new age, with peaceful foreign affairs, and build a better tomorrow.

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