The Gap Between Low Income And High Poverty Essay

The Gap Between Low Income And High Poverty Essay

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Collage has become a must if someone ever wants to achieve the American dream of having a home with two point five children and not have to be overly worried about money. For students in urban schools or schools with low funding the dream of collage may not even been within their reach. The funding gap between schools in low poverty areas and high poverty areas also leads to a learning gap. According to U.S. Department of Education in 2011 fifty three point five percent students in low income areas went to college while students who lived in high income areas had eighty two point four percent of students going to college. Visual 1.1 gives a visual representation of what the audience of collage gap looks like between low income and high income schools. This shows how the learning gap and the income gap directly effect on another. The solution to the unequal funding in school is to regulate and create equal funding distributions among schools.
There are many problems to unequal funding in schools other than a decreased likelihood of going to college and continuing the cycle of poverty. One of those problems is an unsafe environment. Violence is not the only danger in low-income school, one of the major dangers is the broken aspects of the building. Broken and rusted metal doors in bathrooms or even broken desks cause a dangerous environment just by stepping into the school building. School are unable to fix these problems because they focus money towards paying for teachers, food, and other essentials for school. One of those essentials being text books. Text books are rarely new in schools and some information in schools are outdated. When thinking about in schools with outdated information students are once again bein...

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... adequate funding students would still not have the ambition to attend college and get more educated jobs. When the truth is that many students would love to be able to attend colleges, but don’t have the finances, or test scores to be able to get into college. Above is a graph that show that students do want to attend college but many are unable to get into a college. The reasoning behind the test score or grades being inadequate goes back to the out of date text books and the over crowded classrooms. Closing the fincacial gap would also solve these problems including the dangerous environments in schools. With more funding schools will be able to put new doors on bathroom stalls, and repair broken equiqitment in schools making the process of going to school safer. The list goes on with what equal funding can do to improve schools and does not stop at the above.

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