Essay on The Gap Between Female And Female Nurses

Essay on The Gap Between Female And Female Nurses

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There has always been a gender inequality issue in most jobs in the work force, but many may not see this inequality in the nursing field because they do not pay attention to it fully. Many people still have the stereotype that women are the only ones in this job field, but this is not the case anymore. This job field is always in demand for new nurses, and many women and men choose this field to the high pay and the satisfaction of helping others. This job field is one of the more female dominated careers. In 2013 only 10 percent of the population of nurses were men (Tanner, L. 2015). If only 10 percent of the population is men are nurses, they should not get paid anymore than women. Even though they are both doing the same job and received the same training, the gap between pay between male and female nurses is astonishing because they are both doing the same job, and they are both trained equally. Some nurse’s, male or female, may get paid more for years of experience or a more skilled training class, but there should not be a $10,000 gap. Many researchers give a few reasons why there is a wage gap. For example, some women leave their jobs to have children and have to come back to a lower paying job. This should not be one of the reasons women are getting paid less; just because they give birth to a child should not result in a pay gap. Until this inequality between women and men is resolved, there will always be this stereotype that men are above women.
In this job field the men are outnumbered by the women, and they are the minority so they may feel like they deserve something. In the last few years, there has been a rise in male nursing student. Because of this inequality they know they will get paid more than the other nu...

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...y be different is the pay gap between the two different sexes. Many people want to blame the employers for not paying fair wages, but the society we live in has let this happen. There have been many laws established to try and stop this from happening, but they find other reasons to pay men more in the job force. Until the society changes, the job employer will never treat the different sexes the same and this will be a constant battle. Until someone is powerfully enough to make a movement against this gender inequality issue, it will always stay in place. Therefore, male and female nurses will never get paid the same even if they have the same qualifications and skills. If this problem does not get fixed it could possibly be detrimental to the health field and its employees. We need a strong health field because they are what keeps everyone healthy and well.

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