Essay about The Gap Between Employees And Management

Essay about The Gap Between Employees And Management

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Downsizing in a business context is referred to reduction and simplification of the organization. It is an approach that usually goes hand in hand with "restructuring" which involves reducing the number of employees; the end goal for both strategies is to create a more efficient and profitable organization. When organization chooses to downsize communication between employees and management is one of the key factors to the successful implementation of the plan. Human Resources personnel bridges the gap that exists between the employees and management (Morss, R. 2010). Furthermore, HR, acts as a business partner to the upper management and help them tackle important questions such as are there feasible and applicable alternatives to the reduction? Which positions are critical to the organization and should be maintained? Which employees will be terminated? How many people should be laid off? Moreover, the result of a reduction is often high levels of stress and poor morale among the remaining employees; HR is responsible in helping them adjust to the changes, in order to maintain active workforce (Uhlig, D). It is evident that Human Resource involvement in every decision, step taken is vital to a successful implementation of the plan.
The first decision that management needs to make with the help of HR is determining the appropriate workforce management strategy. There are six elements that need to be considered over when deciding on an approach that will be taken by the company. They are the resources that an organization currently has at its disposal, the current financial state of the organization, the culture, demographics and the labor markets (Gandolfi F. 2008). HR also needs to understand various cost-reduction stages ...

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...who aim to achieve the same goal. Educate, the employees about the foreseeable changes which are to come and educate top management by making them aware of the alternatives available at hand and the best practices to go about to make the strategy successful (Greengard, s. 1993). Collect data, HR professionals should gather data and determine which positions are critical to the success of the organization, how many employees should be laid off (Greengard, S. 1993). Provide visible and accessible leadership, HR should make themselves available to every employee, this is crucial to boosting employee 's morale and productivity. Ensure equity and fairness, HR needs to make sure that all of the rules apply among various departments and personnel; the final step that is relevant to HR professionals during downsizing is maintaining a managed approach.

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