Gap Analysis : The Health Care Providers ' Workforce Diverse Yet, And Represents Their Population

Gap Analysis : The Health Care Providers ' Workforce Diverse Yet, And Represents Their Population

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Gap in RN Workforce
Are the health care providers’ workforce diverse yet, and represents their population? There is a huge gap in nursing workforce and currently it does not match the population they will be serving in long-term care facilities, acute-care facilities, clinics, communities, and patients’ home. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN, 2015), nurses from minority backgrounds represent 19% of the registered nurse (RN) workforce. The RN population is mainly comprised of 83% White/Caucasian; 6% African American; 6% Asian; 3% Hispanic; 1% American Indian/Alaskan Native; 1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander; and 1% other nurses (AACN, 2015). It is evident that the health professions have not kept pace with ever-changing demographics. The AACN (2015) stated that the students from underrepresented groups in nursing especially the men and individuals from African American, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, and Alaskan backgrounds should be recruited and graduated to represent the patient population in future. There is an importance to create a health workforce that mirrors the patient population to improve the overall quality of care and reduce health disparity.
Leaders and Cultural Competence
There is no doubt that a job title alone is not enough to make someone a leader. A designated role, such as chief executive officer, president, supervisor, director, and so forth in the organization gives a person authority and power. However, a true leader is an individual, whose behavior shows various shades of leadership skills. A leader’s skill is not only limited to managerial skills, but also entails other qualities such as an ability to influence others and guide directions. In addition, a leader sho...

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... scholarship funding, leadership and mentorship program to ensure the successful completion of graduate studies, and preparation for a faulty role.
In conclusion, addressing the health care needs of an increasingly diverse population has become a very important public health goal. There is a strong relation between a culturally diverse nursing workforce and the ability to provide safe, qualitative, and culturally competent patient care. The diverse nursing workforce is not only important to meet the health care needs of the nation, but also to improve accessibility and reduce the health disparities that exist among minority populations. As a potential leader in future, it is important to keep in mind to enhance organizational cultural competency by recruiting diverse staffs and preparing them to provide culturally competent care to the diverse population.

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