Essay on Gangs Should Be Enforced Against Gang Crimes

Essay on Gangs Should Be Enforced Against Gang Crimes

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Should stiffer penalties be enforced against gang crimes? My answer to that question is yes. Gangs, hoods, turfs, properties, etc. in today’s world have gotten out of hand. It is killing our children, teenagers, adults, basically a huge part of our population. I can remember about three and a half years ago, my aunt was shot because of the strong gang activity in the area where we were throwing a cook out. I can remember her saying, “I’m ready to go home…I don’t feel comfortable in this area, can someone please take me home?” I can’t remember everything that happened that day, but the one thing I can remember is “We told yawl mark people about coming to our hood,” and then after that, shots littered the whole entire area where we were having our cook out. What I am not understanding is we were having a simple cookout and they felt disrespected and thought that our family was related with gang activity, and simply because of that, my family and I ended up losing someone who was very dear to us. The question, “Should stiffer penalties be enforced against gang crimes,” falls directly hand in hand with this situation, because the police department eventually caught the guy who shot my aunt, and he was only charged with manslaughter, and then got out of jail a year and half later after the murder. Clearly everyone knows that he should have been charged with felony murder whether he acted alone or not, murder is murder, and then for him to be eligible for parole and it get granted, only made things worse for my family.
In the world today it is very easy for someone to join a gang and gang activity is considered to be normal issue, nothing that someone would lose sleep over. While it is a problem that is rapidly growing, litt...

... middle of paper ...

... concise plan is created and executed gang crime will still exist.
All in all stricter penalties on gang related crimes are ideal. With these stricter penalties gang members could finally be punished and justice served in the communities stiffened by the negative effects of gang violence. Also stricter penalties could cause a decrease in gang activity and membership which would automatically cause a decrease in gang violence, but stricter penalties have its downfalls because there is no way to ensure that these penalties will be enforced by the government or that the gang members will actually react to the penalties. This one issue can be overlooked though because stricter penalties would help start a change in gangs. Until an effort is made to do something about gangs and gang crime, it will always remain, therefore stricter penalties are needed to start a change.

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