Gangs Of New York Is A War Packed Film Directed By Martin Scorsese Essay

Gangs Of New York Is A War Packed Film Directed By Martin Scorsese Essay

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Gangs of New York is a war-packed film directed by Martin Scorsese that takes place in New York during the Civil War. This 2002 film is about a young Irish immigrant, named Amsterdam, who returns to the Five Points to get revenge on William Cutting, a powerful gang leader who murdered his father. One scene that really sticks out within the film occurs during the draft riots that took place in New York. Although this particular scene is historically accurate, there are some parts of the scene itself that seem to have a bigger impact overall. The parts that create this impact show how important this dark period was and how violently this event played out in the real world.
The draft riot scene starts out with a group of men all crowded around a wooden billboard, staring at a list of men who were picked for the draft and who have passed away, leading up to the violence of the riot. In Iver Bernstein’s article about the New York City Draft Riots, he states, “Violence exploded on the morning of the 13th as thousands marched to a draft office, interrupted the lottery, and torched the building.” This particular start to the draft riot scene is historically accurate, from the draft list to the beginning of the riots on the streets. It just gets worse from there on out; the violence of the draft riots gets out of hand so that authorities could not get them under control. In a news article by William Katz, he says, “Mobs hanged people of color from lampposts, looted stores and attacked anyone they believed favored Lincoln, emancipation or the war; including wounded white soldiers, city police and Republican Party stalwarts.” The movie shows the Irish pulling an innocent black man by the limbs and tying him to a pole, then setting him on fi...

... middle of paper ... brutally murdered. A lot of peoples lives changed after this drastic event. Overall, this film was historically accurate with the total number of deaths that occurred after the draft riots in 1863.
Scorsese could not have done a better job with the draft riot scene in Gangs of New York, especially, showing historical accuracy of the scene and emphasizing the impact the riots had in the early 1860s. The impact of the riots targeted many people, including the wealthy and many cultural groups. Many lives were taken in those four days, changing peoples lives dramatically. Without a doubt, the draft riots were a violent and deadly event in history. The reason behind having this particular scene filmed historically accurate is to show viewers how important this dark event actually turned out to be and to show how everything unfolded throughout this specific time period.

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