Gang Violence And Youth Violence Essay

Gang Violence And Youth Violence Essay

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“Children caught up in this system are the most vulnerable and yet are the least likely to be represented by the counsel,” (Alexander p.86). Gang violence is something that occurs every single day and can’t seem to be avoided by some despite whether you’re in a gang or not. Gang violence mostly happens in low-income communities, which are inhabited by minority groups. The children who live in those types of environment are used to seeing violence and drugs around the corner. Since gang violence does occur in the low-income communities then the children are more likely to fall victim to gang violence activities just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I think that gang violence appears to be a problem for the youth because they are targeted due to not having any knowledge on how to avoid the situation and because they have no other choice.
To begin with, the youth have to deal with gang violence because as mentioned before is simply due to the fact that they don’t know how to avoid the problem. Then instead of avoiding the problem they decide to make it even worse by joining a gang. For example, in the book, Ghettoside, by Jill Leovy it mentions that one young teenager joined a gang just so he can feel accepted by a group of people just to be a part of something and to have friends. Since the teenager joined the gang he is now involved with any gang activities even if he wasn’t there. He was now part of a group that has rivals and that isn’t a good thing because they don’t care who you are they will still kill you where you stand. This is one way that the youth are becoming victims just because they feel like they don’t belong so they try to figure it out by themselves, but end up taking the wrong path.
If the youth ar...

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...o ignore on how social media is portraying them.
In short, the youth are becoming victims to gang violence since they don’t seem to know on how to avoid it. Sometimes it isn’t an option for them because they are part of the problem simply by being a teenager, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, being low-income, living in a bad neighborhood being influence, and being portrayed by social media. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a young people’s problem if they were being guided to the right direction. If they were to feel left out then it would be a good idea for them to join a sport or school club. Then other solutions would be to have government help those who live where gang activities are high. If they can actually do something and it somehow works then there should be a reduction on gang violence, the number of young people be incarcerated and the number of deaths.

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