The Gang Club : An Outlaw Motorcycle Club Notorious For Their Hatred Towards Minorities And Earning Their Income

The Gang Club : An Outlaw Motorcycle Club Notorious For Their Hatred Towards Minorities And Earning Their Income

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In society today, it is not uncommon to be surrounded by gangs in our communities. Recently, I have learned that in my area we have a local gang known as the Peckerwoods. The Peckerwoods are an Outlaw Motorcycle Club notorious for their hatred towards minorities and earning their income from a variety of illegal activities. In the beginning, when assigned to write about a local gang, I had no idea there were any gangs in my neighborhood so I found this to be intriguing. For this assignment, I was actually able to meet a member of the motorcycle club who allowed me to ask a few questions, and used the pseudonym “Eddy”. I tried to limit my questions because I did not want to cross any boundaries. I conducted this interview because he seemed approachable and looked as though he had been involved with the club for a number of years so I decided to take a chance and ask him. He turned out to be a very amiable man, which in my perspective is what these men aim for when fabricating an image for the public. Below is a summary of my interview I was able to accomplish with the gentleman:

Me: How long have you been involved in the club?
Eddy: I have been a member for the past 19 years and enjoyed every minute of it.
Me: How and why did you get involved with the club?
Eddy: I got involved with the club because a good friend of mine was a member and I liked the idea of being part of something bigger than me so I told him I was interested in becoming a member.
Me: What did you do before joining the club?
Eddy: I have always been very good with working on cars and bikes so I got a job working for a mechanic shop when I was younger to earn a living and now I have a partnership with a friend owning our own auto body shop.
Me: Do you ...

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...ople when they are young is normally the responsibility of the parents nevertheless, many of these kids are taught to hate at such a young age that it is difficult to break them of it. Coincidentally, many of these people end up in prison when they reach adulthood and it is up to them to change their lives, luckily there are programs set up to help deter them from the lifestyle. As for the Peckerwood’s Motorcycle Club, history of the gang has shown that it is usually a tradition in their club that member’s families join, an example being the quote that “Eddy” gave to me when he claimed his sons would partake in the club when ready. Although it is a little disheartening to learn I live in an area known to be the city where such a barbaric establishment was founded, I am delighted to have had the opportunity to write and research my assignment about my community.

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