Gang Activity : The United States Federal Bureau Of Investigation Essay

Gang Activity : The United States Federal Bureau Of Investigation Essay

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It is obvious that today’s society is not perfect, and even though the development of this country has occurred in an astounding pace, it has yet been able to function free of violence. One of the key contributors to the violence in this nation is gang activity. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation defines a gang as "A criminal enterprise having an organizational structure, acting as a continuing criminal conspiracy, which employs violence and any other criminal activity to sustain the enterprise." Many ponder about why gangs exist, or what drives an individual to join one. In order to understand gangs, one must explore the motives for their causation and analyze further concepts that go beyond the evident reasons. By learning what causes the formation of gangs, perhaps changes can be implemented in order to diminish their popularity.
To become part of a group that partakes in illicit activities is an idea that many find difficult to fathom, but statistics show that there are an estimated 840,000 gang members in the United States (Carlie). Gangs have existed as far back as the beginning of this nation’s history and they are still prevalent today. Although, to those who make the decision to become part of one it means so much more than that. Many see joining a gang as a means for survival, while others are in search to find what they aren’t receiving at home. A poor education contributes to gang involvement as well. Also, areas that are more prone to gang activity tend to meet certain social economical criteria. These are some of the reasons that are the building blocks for the foundation of gangs.
When analyzing the cause of gangs, one has to dig deeper beyond the misconception that it is simply composed of a gr...

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...says “Gangs are not the problem. They are a symptom of the problems which cause them to form and some youths to join them. If the problem is defined incorrectly it can never be solved.” Many find that joining a gang is difficult to fathom because they believe that those who have joined have made the decision to do so. They fail to realize that those individuals were once children who were exposed to difficulties and often had no control in the matter. They were handed the short end of the social stick; to them gangs offered the fulfillment to all of their needs and desires. With that being said, this perspective gives insight and a whole new understanding to the rapper Tupac’s famous words, “I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.” Now that one has begun to comprehend the causation of gangs, appropriate measures can be taken to stop them from forming.

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