Gandhi 's Speech : Mahatma Gandhi Essay

Gandhi 's Speech : Mahatma Gandhi Essay

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If I had the opportunity to have lunch with an important person I would choose Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was definitely an admirable person who fought for Indian liberation through peaceful forms of disobedience. Gandhi showed to the world that there were more important things to fight or worry about than material things. He was very committed to his policy of non-violent non-cooperation to achieve the independence of India. His main goal was to alleviate poverty, liberate woman, put an end to discrimination, and achieve self-rule. As a very catholic person, sometimes I feel that if Jesus would reincarnate in earth, Gandhi will be, doubtless, the best figure to represent Him. Jesus and Gandhi shared so many virtues that the similarities in between them are sometimes hard to ignore. The reasons why I would choose Gandhi are because talking to him would help me to canalize my emotions, as well as, improve my personality to become a more patient and tolerant person. Gandhi was an example of simple living, who sometimes resembles my father in many aspects.
In the first place, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in India in 1869. He was the leader of Indian’s liberation during the times were India was ruled by the British. Following nonviolence movements; Gandhi led India to its liberation. The term Mahatma was given to him resembling the “high-souled” or “vulnerable” person he was considered by the Indian population. He was sometimes attributed to the nickname “Badu”, which means “father” in India. Gandhi initiated his non-violent leadership back in South Africa, when he served as a lawyer for some matters. Then he obtained a position on the Indian Congress, where he started to lead campaigns to decrease poverty, to favor civil rights as...

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... I would not choose Jesus because according to my beliefs, I have the opportunity to talk to Jesus every time I pray.
Finally, I would love to have lunch with Gandhi, the leader of Indian’s liberation, to learn from him the doctrine with which he lived. I would love to learn things like the patience he had to fight, with non-violent disobedience, for what he believed. Also, his ability to feel and give people peace just by looking at him. His wisdom, motivation, and inspiration to always look forward. Most importantly, the mainstay of the persuasiveness that led him to be who we was. Comparatively, I like the idea of having lunch with Gandhi because I feel that it could be as interesting as having a long conversation with my dad. I am sure that the opportunity to have lunch with Gandhi would leave me with lots of positive thoughts that will certainly change my life.

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