Gandhi And Gandhi 's Influence On Political Views And Aspects On How We View Our Society

Gandhi And Gandhi 's Influence On Political Views And Aspects On How We View Our Society

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Mao ZeDong and Gandhi have influenced our political views and aspects on how we view our society and country today. Both used their power differently and succeeded and failed but are looked up to incorporate their theories and philosophies in our decision-makings. Noticing the experiences they encountered are the main reasons for their beliefs, which led their paths to either using violence, or non-violent acts.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi born October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, Western Coast of India. Gandhi’s father was the chief minister of Porbandar and his mother was a religiously devoted practitioner in worshiping the Hindu God Vishnu. Since Gandhi was more privileged, he was able to attend a college overseas to further his knowledge. The school, he attended was a university in London because he wanted to accomplish his parent’s dream which was to pass the bar exams. In addition to becoming a lawyer, he found that London was restricted from some practices, and when he was able to find people that were similar he prospered in pursuing towards philosophical studies in religion. The studies included Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and many others. He returned to India in 1891 after becoming a lawyer. After a few months, he turned 21 years old and later moved to Natal, South Africa to work at a law firm in 1893. There, Gandhi spent 21 years of his life and experienced and witnessed the racial biased segregation of the people in South Africa.
Gandhi retuned to India in 1916, and when he was in Natal, his belief in non-violent protesting led to a political movement he founded. He brought those practices to India where he started to raise awareness in Bihar, 1918. He encouraged many oppressed villagers to lead more peaceful protest...

... middle of paper ... influences were also found in businesses using this theory as their strong foundation of how to run their future transports and how the company is organized.
Gandhi and Mao have both portrayed their abilities to not give up, even though they are shown in different ways. One occurring theme that was noticed was the idea to better their country, to rise up. Gandhi wanted to bring India out of the poor and for their freedom but his main point was for the people of India to understand that you can do that without having to use violent forces. Mao’s point of view was that the lower class people were the hard workers and were the ones that fit the role of Karl Marx’s philosophy. But his way was to use coercion. The common ground designates that behind the different ways we use our reasons for our country are similar but our theories and ideology are different.

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