Gandhi : A World Hero Essay

Gandhi : A World Hero Essay

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Gandhi is known as a world renown hero. He was an advocate for civil disobedience and peace which resulted in him gaining people’s respect and eventually freeing India of Britain’s control. He freed India through non-violence techniques which is why he became such an important asset to India. Gandhi was secure in himself and his ideas, which brought peace to India.
Gandhi background
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, or better known as Mahatma Gandhi was an anti-war activist in India who fought for the civil rights of the Indian people. However, his life did not start out as peaceful as it finished. Gandhi, born into the Indian system of tradition, was forced to marry young and was forced to deal with the death of two parents at a young age. According to (2015), Gandhi rebelled against these Indian traditions by smoking and stealing change.
When he became older, he decided on a regular job, ordinary for a teenager going to college. He decided to study law and moved to England in 1888. At this time, he was still unsure of who he really was or what he wanted to do. The first law case he had, he failed miserably.
It wasn’t until Gandhi moved to South Africa that he received a glimpse of the real world and how divided it really was. Upon arrival, he was asked to remove his turban, which he refused, and was then reprimanded that he was unwelcome. ( 2015) Shocked by the way he was treated, he didn’t truly decide to do something about it until he was told to move to the back of the bus, then he refused. He was thrown off of the bus, which thus started the revolution of civil disobedience. At that moment, Gandhi devoted his life to change discrimination in India. He took up a life of simplicity which me...

... middle of paper ... hard to fully understand life at a young age. Yet, Gandhi is a prime example of someone who is completely self aware of what true happiness is.
Gandhi is an inspiration to all those that are scared to make changed in their own life. The sacrifices that he made for the greater good of the people were remarkable and remembered to this day. He is a hero for the people of India and the world. He allowed the challenges to strengthen his idea of who he is instead of tearing him down. Gandhi became the change, the face, the inspiration for the revolution and much more. He was in unity with himself as well as the people. Gandhi taught us many things that we will remember and continue to honor for a long time, including that we must initiate change in ourselves in order to bring it amongst everyone else. As he once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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