Gaming: Not Just for Entertainment but Also to Learn Essay

Gaming: Not Just for Entertainment but Also to Learn Essay

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Gaming, Not a Waste of Time Anymore
Thesis: With enhancements in the gaming genre being created every day, many industries, experts and educators are seeing the benefits of using this technology in ways outside of just entertainment purposes.
• History of gaming, where it originated
• Gaming and technology today and the kids that use them
• History of the in home game systems
• What the Game Industry has done for the economy
o How it has evolved
o How the gaming industry has impacted careers
• Presidential recognition of the industry
• Concept of gaming used in other professions
o Military/armed forces
o Health Care
o Education
• Other devices used for gaming other than computer and console
• Conclusion

Gaming, Not a Waste of Time Anymore
The concept of gaming, while sounding modern technology , goes further back in history than just a couple of years. With recent discoveries from ancient civilizations like Egypt, Rome and Mesopotamia, the human race has enjoyed playing games for centuries. Games like Senet from ancient Egypt, The Royal Games of Ur from Mesopotamia and Nine Mens Morris from Roman are some examples of games that have been discovered. According to the British Museum Exhibition on Across the Board; “Games have been played throughout the world since ancient times” (Museum). Whereas the games from a lost time were only board games, gaming of today has significantly evolved with the change in technology. Due to the rapid and ever changing field of technology, the simple idea of playing a board game has been catapulted into a digital world created by inspired and creative programmers.
Console and computer games should not be considered just a wasteful activity for children and adults to discard...

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