Essay on Gaming: Is it really that harmful?

Essay on Gaming: Is it really that harmful?

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Imagine a world that allows people to become someone else for a moment. This virtual world is undiscovered by many people and is competing with each other. They are not afraid of others judging them. They can express their feelings anonymously without fear. This world is filled with people who, in the real world, would usually be quiet and reserved, but in this world emerge as leaders. This virtual world is accessible to everyone, but only used by a few. These few people who make up this virtual world are called gamers. They play games ranging from many different genres like First Person Shooter, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing, and Real Time Strategy. People of all ages enjoy these types of games and spend the majority of their day being online. Video games should not be banned because they improve and build fundamental skills such as hand-eye coordination, problem solving, socialization skills and following directions precisely. Despite all of the benefits, there are still people who oppose the usage of games. Video games are constantly being blamed for violence and the negative influence on gamers.
Video games improve hand-eye coordination skills. One instance where it is beneficial is during a surgery where accuracy and precision is critical. A group of researchers at the University of Rochester concluded that if laparoscopic surgeons play video games before a surgery, they will have 40 percent fewer errors (“Video Gaming”). This is just one of the reasons why some play video games, so they can save someone’s life. If a doctor uses these games to improve his success rate during a surgery, then they should play games to hone their skills. A broader way to look at hand-eye coordination skills is visual skills. The U...

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