Gaming Computers : A Gaming Computer Essay

Gaming Computers : A Gaming Computer Essay

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Owning a gaming computer is one of the best investments a person can make in their life. Having a gaming computer can greatly influence one’s entertainment ranges and personal hobbies. Every gamer or anyone who occasionally games should have a gaming computer instead of a gaming console. A gaming console only provides people with basic programs and simple user interface while a gaming computer can be used for any needs one need. A gaming computer is one’s own cable box but better. Having a gaming computer you can have it fully customized to fit whatever theme you would like it to fit, can run many programs and other applications faster than a console, and can be loaded with a plethora of multiple useful programs one can use.
Ever since the release of the first console, there was already a computer more powerful and faster than it. There are many multiple attributes that a gaming computer has that a gaming console does not. In one factor, a gaming computer can process information or data faster than consoles which results in a smoother gameplay or movie watching experience. For example, Forbes stated that any computer released during, after and even before a console is released is already faster than it.(Forbes July 14, 2014) This is showing that no matter what a console can never or will ever be able to reached the processing power of what a computer can perform. To further this topic, a console cannot be upgraded besides it hard drive space mean while a computer can upgrade every single component it has varying from physical hardware to even virtual software. By these upgrades, a gaming computer will always be in the highest tier of graphic processing and computing process. Secondly a computer can achieve the highest graphics s...

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...hang with each other’s virtual characters and have conversations just like real life but without the awkward eye contact that can happen sometimes. These programs have made many people’s lives way more enjoyable than what could have of happen without the use of the internet and computers. There are also programs such as Skype, where one can maintain their romantic relationship and other relationships, which connects people across the world to their screen and let people have the personal time with their significant other and family members without wasting money or causing useless stress to plan an event to meet each other in real life. I am glad for these programs because of all the positives that they bring to people all around the world.
Every person should have their own personal computer for all of the reasons listed on this research paper and not own a console.

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