The Gaming Community And The War ( Craft ) On Women, By Andrea Braithwaite

The Gaming Community And The War ( Craft ) On Women, By Andrea Braithwaite

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The gaming community has converged in recent years into something more than just entertainment, and a way of escaping the real world. In fact it tackles on real life situations and helps us understand what goes on from a different perspective. For example, many gamers learned from popular RPG games, most popularly a game called Call of Duty, of how a war is like, and how threatening and saddening it is to the people in it. Many of people might think it serves just to please the need to use violence as a way to solve problems, but most of the time there tends to be a hidden message, such as how war can be solved without using violence. Now this pertains true to others genres of gaming, more specifically MMOGs. In the article ‘Seriously, get out’: Feminists on the forums and the War(craft) on women, written by Andrea Braithwaite at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Braithwaite states the issue of how gaming addresses gender disputes and how gaming, and the gaming community are “embedded in larger cultural contexts.” (Braithwaite, 2013) In the game World of Warcraft, in the land of Azeroth, there was a particular character named Ji Firepaw. The character was criticized by a mass amount of females for implicating sexism and gender inequality. While this may be true, Braithwaite points out how complaints about these little things ruin the game for many others. Braithwaite (2013) states, “ I explore how gender politics are sites of struggle in this virtual community, using a specific set of forum threads about a contested character in WoW’s recent beta testing as a case study. Specifically, I investigate how feminism is most commonly understood in these debates: as a powerful, hysterical threat in and beyond Azeroth. Th...

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... from feminism and the ones who ruin the atmosphere of the game, and its community.
To conclude Braithwaite speaks about the character Ji Firepaw and how debates like this cause for more conflict than necessary, and is really just caused by the users who start it, being the feminists. Furthermore, on how gender politics are sites of struggle in this virtual community, as it creates an image of feminism being a threat to them based on gender ideologies and politics, using forums that display several affective discourses such as the feminist as killjoy, anxieties about masculinity, and an emphasis on player choices. By learning about these things, Braithwaite (2013) states, “We can better understand the roles that digital communities and activities play in the politics of the everyday when we acknowledge that these communities and activities are the everyday.” (p.715)

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