Gaming And Violence : Overlooked Potential Essay

Gaming And Violence : Overlooked Potential Essay

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Gaming and Violence: Overlooked Potential
Violence is a very complicated topic, as it has existed as long as time started without a doubt. From the medieval times, to the norm of today’s mass shootings, it’s not an enigma that America is accustomed to violence. Be that as it may, there are reasons for every single fierce conflict that has ever happened. Freedom, or equality, there was some reason for people to fight. However, today, America is at one of it’s most peaceful points in history. With a few exceptions here and there, until this year, we’ve managed to avoid or solve most conflicts that would have easily resulted in violence. Nonetheless it still exists in America, albeit in a minor scale, and is unavoidable in essence. For example, bullying, and hazing does exist and continues as an ongoing problem in schools across the nation. As there would be specific reasons that global conflicts occur, it would only be logical for there to be motives behind violence such as this. Reality takes violence from a broad scope of reasons, from familial to mental. Unfortunately, people always want to find a scapegoat to feel comfortable while they search for a resolution. In the case of violence, like those seen in schools, are frequently blamed on video games. More specifically, violent video games, as they are very popular presently. However, in a modernized 21st century country such as ourselves, which accommodates precaution laws on the sale of adult themed games, it would be completely unreasonable and ignorant to say that video games are the root cause of violence. In addition, there is no concrete evidence of scientific tests identifying video game violence as a source of real world violence. Therefore, video games, with full regar...

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...practice, especially since violence has existed without video games for hundreds of years. The gaming community has taken notice too. As they should, the gaming community has thought of a reasonable counter argument to oppose the idea that “video games and the violence they contain are always the causes of real world violence.” The gaming community had begun to look at and compare other games and using the very same logic that was being used against them. Gamers took games such as first person shooters and strategy games; Call of Duty and Sid Meyer’s Civilization, to name a few, and compared it to themselves. It’s blatantly obvious that everyone who plays Call of Duty is not a super soldier, and everyone who plays Sid Meyer’s Civilization is not a benevolent head of a country. Apparent it may seem, but it basically disproves the link between violence and video games.

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