Gaming And Its Effects On Society Essay

Gaming And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Gambling has been around for more than a century, it was first developed by the Mesopotamians, then slowly gambling becomes a pop entertainment that is acknowledged and played by many different cultures as an income solution or ways to spend time with family and friends. Gambling has become a recognized social activity spanning to almost all the cultures and historical eras in recorded history (Darbyshire, P., Oster, C., & Carrig, H, 2001). Gambling was thought to be only a harmless game that everyone could enjoy, but in reality, gaming causes a lethal effect on the players, especially the younger generation that is most vulnerable to the effects of gambling. Kids are at the age where they watch and learn everything their parent does. Hence, if the parents are gambler the children is more than likely to conform to their parents ' gambling behaviors. Parents played a substantial role in how early exposure to gaming can affect their child 's emotional, psychological wellbeing and that their development makes them more vulnerable to becoming a young gambler.
Parents that are gambling addicts can put their kids into an emotional distress, especially really young children, who do not understand why their parents are treating them in an apathetic manner and not give them the attention they need. It makes the children feel like they are not good enough for their parents, which ties back to how gambling makes the child a vulnerable victim. Some of the causes why the parent 's gambling addiction affect the children emotionally are that kids regard their parents as a role model, whom they trust, look up to for support and encouragement when they make the biggest decision in their lives. Some of the examples of why children need their paren...

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... the most vulnerable victim because their parents expose them to gamble early in the belief it will prevent them from getting in trouble with the law.

Abstract: Gambling has made a huge impact in our society, many believed gambling is harmless and just a game, but what people do not understand is gambling is more harmful than any drugs or alcohol combine. The reason I chose to research this topic is because in our society gamblers are becoming younger and younger due to the fact of exposed to gambling at a young age. I want to understand how gambling affects the child development and how early exposure could make the child vulnerable to becoming a gambler themselves. After researching, I found out that parents who gamble affects their child 's well-being in both physically, psychologically and emotionally and influence on how their child will view gambling as.

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