The Game Of Thrones Is A Fantasy Series Known For It 's Violence And Use Of Nudity

The Game Of Thrones Is A Fantasy Series Known For It 's Violence And Use Of Nudity

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Game of Thrones is a fantasy series known for it’s violence and use of nudity. The story line in the show is complex and compelling. The viewer stays on the edge of their seats as the plot twists and turns. For the plot to succeed nudity is needed, and some sex scenes are key parts in the series. The problem in occurs due to the sheer amount of nudity. With an average of 5.6 boobs per episode it is clear that nudity plays a large part in the series.Game of Thrones deals with the social issue of oversexualization and female objectification throughout the series. The way the show deals with the issue is interesting and complex. While strong female characters exist sex seems to always find it’s way into each episode. The unnecessary nudity added brings the viewers to a point of feeling uncomfortable. Game of Thrones makes an attempt to empower women. However the oversexualization within the show negates empowerment and instead demeans women.
Not all of the women within the show are used as props. Game of Thrones does have powerful female characters and does empower women in many ways. The character of Brienne of Tarth is the example of this. Brienne is a strong female warrior that is knighted in Game of Thrones. She is able to defeat Jaime Lannister, who some consider to be the best fighter in the land. Jamie was captured and Brienne was in charge of watching him to make sure he does not escape. In one scene she is in the bath with Jamie, and Jamie insults her fighting prowess. This causes Brienne to leap to her feet naked as the day she was born. In this scene Brienne is not looked at as a sexual object. You see her as a powerful warrior as she looms over Jamie. The weak one in this situation is Jamie as he lays down in the tub nak...

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... Shae. Shae worked in the brothel, but eventually is able to leave due to the fact that she forms a relationship with Tyrion Lannister. She is an observer of human behavior, and sharp witted. This is what attracts Tyrion to her. He pays her for one night of fun, but ends up staying with her and protecting her throughout the series. Shae is an example of something that Game of Thrones does right. They make her into a character instead of just using her for her sexuality.
The sexualization of women in Game of Thrones may not be blatant, but it still demeans women. While the show certainly has flaws, I think Game of Thrones takes a step in the right direction by having strong female characters. If Game of Thrones took away the unneeded nudity the show would be empowering, but that isn’t likely due to the fact that it seems like nudity is one of the shows calling cards.

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