The Game Of Thrones : Gender, Sexuality, Class, And Social Stratification

The Game Of Thrones : Gender, Sexuality, Class, And Social Stratification

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Game of Thrones: Gender, Sexuality, Class, and Social Stratification
It is very common for several TV shows or movies to reflect real life society, depending on what genre. Game of Thrones, a TV adaptation of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series depicts our society very well; despite the fact that it takes place in a fantasy medieval-like land, called Westeros. This show puts an emphasis on both gender and sexuality, with men being dominant in that society while women are often referred to as the inferior. It also includes several double standards for men and women and comprises compulsory heterosexuality. The show also heavily focuses on class and social stratification: the differences between two of the main classes in the show and the characters who wish to have more and more. Society in this particular show includes open systems, so several characters have moved up or down between different classes.

On Game of Thrones, there are several huge differences between the way men and women are treated. Men are seen as superior, while women are the inferior sex. The two are sorted into their specific gender roles as they were many years ago, and still are today. Jobs and duties are especially gendered in the show. For example, men are seen as warriors and are very strong. Women, on the other hand, are only meant to cook the food and clean the house, or in the case of highborn women, provide heirs for their husband. Noble women’s opinions are not completely trusted the way the men’s’ opinions are: “My mother wishes me to let Lord Eddard join the Night 's Watch. Stripped of all titles and powers, he would serve the realm in permanent exile. And my Lady Sansa has begged mercy for her father. But they have the so...

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...rows like a weed. I tended mine patiently until its tendrils reached from the Red Keep all the way across to the far side of the world where I managed to wrap them around something very special” (“Game of Thrones”). Another character that moved from one of the lowest classes to one of the highest is Lady Melisandre. This character was also born a slave, but managed to move classes by preaching her faith to Lord Stannis Baratheon, the younger brother of the king. She then had an influence over Stannis and his entire family, allowing her to be wealthy as well. While Westeros also has an open system, it does not allow as much movement as our society. While Varys and Melisandre are two characters that went from being slaves to very powerful people, there are several people who do not respect or trust them because they were not born into wealthy or powerful families.

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