Essay on Game Of Thrones And Star Wars Breaking The Social Norm And Feminism

Essay on Game Of Thrones And Star Wars Breaking The Social Norm And Feminism

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Game of Thrones and Star Wars Breaking The Social Norm and Feminism

If you take what we know about the feminist movements and social norms of our time, then in certain movies and films there are defined roles that people assume. In the romance, action and thriller movies and novels, the males and females always assume their expected roles. The men take the lead role, while the females take the damsel in distress role. It seems as if the men are destined to be depended on, while the women are the ones who need to be saved. This has always been the social norm in our cultures media and literature. Then along came feminism.
Feminism, or the feminist movement, began in 1848. At the start of this movement women were attempting to gain equal rights among the working class man in America. From then on it has been a constant battle to get gender equality. As of right now women have gain all the same rights as men in America, but are still being treated with a sort of bias against them. For example: a man and a women are working at a law firm, the women has more time at the company than the man and works harder, but yet the man still make more. Another example which I’ll touch on later is the 7th Star Wars movie; were the female main lead was still paid signify less that Mark Hamill who by the way, had less than 5 mins of actual screen time. This happens all over the country as a sort of gender bias. The assumption that males have to take on the manual labor and more demanding job, while the women stay home has become socialites mind set. This social norm is the thing that women of the feminist movement are fighting against.
The challenge that the feminist movement faces is that they need to break people mindset on the social ...

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...han any man in her presence. Even though she was a woman she had the ability to command those around her as if she were a king. They blindly followed her through faith or fear; needless to say she was scarier than any man could ever hope to be. This show shows us that gender roles only matter if you let them.
In all of the upcoming new shows, movies, politics, books, etc... Women are becoming more prominent in the male only industries. With all of the movies starring female stars not adhering to the standard female roles set by the social norm, we are starting to see a new formation of a more accepting gender norm. There will always be an underlying gender bias, but if we continue to keep having shown like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and movies like The Hunger Games, Star Wars, and Divergent, then our perception of gender roles will be a thing of the past.

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