The Game Of Loans : Is It Worth All The Money? Essay

The Game Of Loans : Is It Worth All The Money? Essay

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The Game of Loans
In today’s society, students often question whether or not college is really worth the debts and the costs of it all. The question remains, is it actually worth it? To answer this question, it is absolutely worth all the money. In fact, “a bachelor’s degree can help recent graduates earn 83 percent more than peers who only completed high school.” (White, Gillian B.) The opposing side would disagree with that statement because to them, they can go out and get a job making money instead of having to pay for “useless classes.” However what the population doesn’t know is how much better, earning a college degree is for a student’s future.
Adults who have finished college have more opportunities in job searches then adults who only finished high school. With a college degree, graduates are more likely to obtain social and intellectual skills with the classes they paid for. Finding a job in today’s society, is becoming difficult because of the required demands, such as education, experience, and history. If a manager were to choose between someone who had a college degree with experience and someone who didn’t go to college with experience as well, the manager would most likely choose the college graduate. All these facts are essentially common sense because with a college degree, someone can expect a better quality of life than someone who decided college wasn’t worth it. An example of someone who didn’t go to college, would more likely end up being homeless. It is predictable that the reason why those people are living on the street is because they didn’t finish college and their parents stopped supporting and paying for them. However, people who believe college is not worth it thinks that being homeless is easier t...

... middle of paper ... finding opportunities. As tough as it is to get a job now, it will be even harder to succeed without a degree. Although the opposite side has good points, going to college is an even better point. Students will be better off with a bigger paycheck than others who decided to listen to the cons of going to school. This world would be nothing if there were no doctors, police officers, firefighters, and teachers, in which all went to school and earned their degree. The fact that college graduates earn 83 percent more than high school students, should be enough to make more students jump aboard. Graduating is a huge success for many and rarely does someone say they regret putting in the work and money. Playing the game of loans throughout college will not only prepare students for real world situations but also increase graduates chances in receiving a higher paycheck.

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